Toddler Boy Needs Adoptive Family

This little guy was born March 2008. His health status and adoption status need to be clarified upon inquiry. He likes when adults pay attention to him. He loves cars and he is a sociable boy outgoing and often smiling. He also likes playing outdoors. His paperwork is currently being processed to be registered for international adoption. He is HIV-positive. More photos may be available.

Toddler Boy Russian Adoption & Eastern European Adoption

Babies & Toddlers ~ International Adoption

Toddler Boy - waiting child photolistingLittle boy with special needs

This little boy was born December 2008 to an HIV-positive birthmother. His health status would need to be clarified. He is less active than some of the other children and he makes good contact with adults and children.



Baby Girl HIV Adoption OpportunityThis baby boy was born in December 2009 to a single HIV-positive birthmother who was deprived of her parental rights. His health status will need to be inquired about.


Toddler Girl HIV Russian Adoption SituationRussian Adoption Opportunity - waiting children



This adorable little girl was born in May 2008 to a birthmother living with HIV. Her health status will need to be clarified. She is a calm, friendly and affectionate.



Baby Girl HIV Russian AdoptionAdopt a baby girl from Russia

This baby girl was born January 2010 to a birthmother living with HIV. Her health status will need to be clarified. Character=active.





Toddler Boy Russian AdoptionThis little boy was born to an HIV-positive birthmother in June 2007. His health status will need to be clarified. He is described as being a calm child.


2 year old boy waiting child photolistingThis toddler boy was born July 2008 to a birth-mother with HIV. His health status will need to be clarified.



Lonely Life of a 6 yr Old HIV Orphan in China

China Daily article

Chinese AIDS Orphans
Nicknamed Along, the young boy carries firewood home down a mountain path in Niucheping village of Liuzhou city in Southwest China’s Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, Nov 3, 2010 [Photo/CFPAlong plays soccer in front of the rundown home where he lives alone. People refuse to play with him due to concerns over his illness. No school or welfare homes will agree to take him. Photo taken on Nov 8, 2010. [Photo/CFP
Child headed household

Along makes a fire to prepare for dinner. His grandmother, who lives 15 minutes’ walk away, built two vegetable plots for him, and pays regular visits despite not living with him. Photo taken on Nov 2, 2010 [Photos/CFP]

A six-year-old HIV-positive child named Along has been collecting wood to support himself since both of his parents died from the virus.

He receives 70 yuan of subsistence allowance per month from the local civil bureau plus periodical material supplies from kindhearted people, but he still lives alone without a guardian.

A follow up article was written 2 weeks later titled ‘No Longer Forgotten’

A Long prepares a meal for himself. The 6-year-old HIV-positive boy lives alone in Niucheping village, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region. [Photo/China Photo Press

“A Long with his constant companion Old Black. [Photo/Zhou Hua / Xinhua”]

“The boy received toys from people who read about him. [Photo/Zhou Hua/Xinhua”]

“A Long makes a fire to cook. [Photo/China Photo Press”]

Until recently, a 6-year-old HIV-positive boy has lived holed up in a remote mountain village, cut off from humanity with only a dog for company. Chen Feng reports.

A Long is 6. But his world is far removed from his contemporaries. There are no transformer toys, PSP games or friends to play with, only a rough brick structure he calls home and a dog, his constant companion. The HIV-positive boy lives in Niucheping village at the foot of Malu Mountain near Liuzhou, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region.

His mother died of AIDS in 2009 and his father, racked by a terrible cough and fever, succumbed in the summer.

Dressed in tattered clothes, A Long’s only solace is Lao Hei or Old Black, his dog.

He lives at the end of a muddy path on top of the mountain in his windowless, gray-brick house, with worn wooden doors and rough flooring, permeated by a musty odor.

In contrast, most of the other villagers live in brand new buildings, further down the mountain.

A Long’s parents moved to the top of the mountain six years ago after being diagnosed as HIV- positive.

The boy washes his clothes and cooks his own food at an age when his contemporaries are still being fed by their parents.

Putting some rice and green vegetables into a pot and placing it on a stove made of several blocks of cement, he starts a fire with amazing speed.

He uses no oil or salt but still eats his meal with great relish and sets aside a bit for his dog.

He often sits in the open area in front of his home staring at the path that leads to the outside world, hugging his dog, lost in thought.

He says he has never ventured down the mountain, after his father’s death.

He tells people who visit him – after he came to media attention recently – with great excitement that, “I was in school but only for one term.”

He often takes out his old textbooks, stroking them like little treasures.

Chen Xiyou, headmaster of Malushan Primary School, says: “We allowed A Long to take our pre-school course for one term, but then we had to ask him to leave after his father died of AIDS.

“We have to consider the feelings of the other parents,” Chen says.

A Long is also HIV-positive but has no clue what those letters mean. All he knows is that those who were once his friends have deserted him and doctors refused to help when he accidentally tipped boiling water on his hands.

“But my grandmother always comes to see me,” the boy says.

However, his 84-year-old grandmother will not say why she has not taken him to live with her and his uncles and aunts.

A Long receives a subsidy of 70 yuan ($11.50) from social security and free anti-HIV medicines.

The introverted boy seems overwhelmed with all the attention he has been getting recently.

He is, however, delighted with a basketball that people bought him after reading about him on the Net.

He also practices writing Chinese characters in the sand and is eager to show off his kungfu kicks to visitors.

The latest news is that an old couple has decided to adopt A Long and Old Black, as well as the chicken he is raising.

The local Red Cross Association is also talking about providing proper medical care for A Long.

But there is still one question that troubles the little boy: “When can I go back to school?”

Yu Tianyu contributed to the story.

Waiting Child Photolisting – BOY born 2004

African child with HIV waiting for adoptionHolt International waiting child photolisting. Child ID B09_37. East Africa.

This is a little boy who loves toys and is described as jolly. He is reported to be developing quite well and easily adapts to many environments. He currently attends a class at the care center kindergarten. This little boy came into care a few days after his birth. His birth mother was reported to be suffering from a mental illness. He was admitted to the hospital once for neonatal sepsis. In May 2010 he had malaria and received treatment, and is now stated to be doing well. He also recently tested HIV-positive. He is reportedly learning to jump rope and loves to sing. This cheerful little boy waits for a family who is comfortable with his diagnosis and who can provide him with the ongoing medical care that he will need.

To adopt this child, couples must be between the ages of 25-44 and married for at least 2 years. They can have up to five children in the home. Hold is looking for a few families who are flexible and have a pioneering spirit. If you are interested in adopting from this new program, please call the Holt Africa staff to discuss the program: 531-687-2202.

Waiting Children in Eastern Europe

These children are living in an HIV/AIDS orphanage. It is urgent they get committed adoptive families before they get transferred within the next few months. They are only 4 years old and at a critical time in their lives at which their future is about to be decided. I have met all of these children and they are wonderful. Please join me in advocating for them.

Boy.   July 25, 2006

This little boy is a really lovely kid who will do great in a family. He is a very sweet child. He gets along with everybody and he is very well liked in his group. He has an easy-going personality and he goes with the flow. He likes to wrestle and get silly like all little boys. It is critical that a family commit to adopting him very soon. Everyone that has met him raves about how adorable and sweet he is.

UA waiting child photolisting

Boy. April 7, 2006

He is an orphanage favorite.

5 Year Old Girl in Africa Waiting

Adoption from Africa

This waiting child photolisting is for a sweet five year old girl waiting in Africa for a family of her own. D was born in 2005.  She is HIV-positive and currently on ARV’s.  She is in good health.  She is a very kind, fun-loving girl.  She is shy when you first meet her but warms up when you start interacting with her.  She loves playing tag.  She is ticklish and can be silly.  She is need of a loving adoptive family. Adopting from her country is easy and affordable.