Waiting Child Photolisting – BOY born 2004

African child with HIV waiting for adoptionHolt International waiting child photolisting. Child ID B09_37. East Africa.

This is a little boy who loves toys and is described as jolly. He is reported to be developing quite well and easily adapts to many environments. He currently attends a class at the care center kindergarten. This little boy came into care a few days after his birth. His birth mother was reported to be suffering from a mental illness. He was admitted to the hospital once for neonatal sepsis. In May 2010 he had malaria and received treatment, and is now stated to be doing well. He also recently tested HIV-positive. He is reportedly learning to jump rope and loves to sing. This cheerful little boy waits for a family who is comfortable with his diagnosis and who can provide him with the ongoing medical care that he will need.

To adopt this child, couples must be between the ages of 25-44 and married for at least 2 years. They can have up to five children in the home. Hold is looking for a few families who are flexible and have a pioneering spirit. If you are interested in adopting from this new program, please call the Holt Africa staff to discuss the program: 531-687-2202.