Patient Assistance Programs for HIV Medication

The following information is provided by the American Academy of HIV Medicine

Many states have reported either waiting lists or changes in their ADAP, insurance, and other programs. Co-pays and deductibles associated with private insurance, state subsidized insurance, or Medicare can make accessing lifesaving medications very difficult.

Most drug companies have programs to provide free drugs to people with no insurance, inadequate insurance, or financial difficulties. Each program has different requirements, and often, a healthcare provider needs to make the phone call, and fill out a form.
Patient Assistance Programs

The Fair Pricing Coalition also publishes this printable guide to accessing patient assistance programs for HIV and Viral Hepatitis drugs.

Patient Assistance and Co-Pay Programs for HIV and Viral Hepatitis Drugs

ADAP Crisis

Many states have experiences state budgetary shortfalls that have lead to waiting lists for state AIDS Drug Assistance (ADAP) programs. A private partnership now offers a resource specifically for patients on ADAP waiting lists.

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Other Resources

• RX Assist: Patient assistance program directory listed by manufacturer

• The Access Project: Patient assistance and co-payment programs from Housing Works

• Needy Meds: Patient assistance or drug co-pay programs for medications required to treat conditions in addition to HIV disease, e.g., medications for high cholesterol

• Together RX: Prescription savings program for uninsured individuals sponsored by many of the nation’s leading pharmaceutical companies

• Partnership for Prescription Assistance: Public and private patient assistance programs directory

• Positively AwareAIDSMeds and Project Inform Hotline (1-800-822-7422): HIV co-pay programs resource