International Adoption from LESOTHO

HIV Adoption

This is a continuation of a series of posts regarding international adoption country programs which have HIV positive children waiting for families. Lesotho is a tiny country in the middle of South Africa. The  HIV/AIDS rates are among the highest in the world. If you are in the United States, Canada, Sweden or the Netherlands, you can adopt from Lesotho. Each of those countries has one adoption agency – in America it’s Americans for African Adoptions.

Single women and married couples may adopt (I don’t know if single men are welcome to apply). Adopting parents should be at least 25 years old and there are no upper age limits. Approximately 2 weeks of travel required. I have not seen any restrictions on family size. A medical form is required, but I’m not sure if an HIV test is required for adopting parents.

In US contact AfAA for costs, timelines, eligibility and current waiting children. In Canada contact Sunrise Adoption Services, in the Netherlands, contact  Stichting Kind en Toekomost: and in Sweden contact Adoption Centrum:

As of July 24, 2010, AfAA was advocating for a 20 month old boy who is HIV+ and waiting for a family.

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Waiting Baby Boy in India

The Shepherd’s Crook is looking for a family for a little boy in India who is HIV positive. Please contact the agency directly for the photolisting:


Birthdate: 1/8/2009

Gender: Male

Special need(s):
HIV positive

Here is an extremely cute 1 ½ year old who has tested positive for HIV.  He was born on January 8, 2009. Despite his diagnosis this beautiful baby boy is healthy and progressing on target in all areas.  This little charmer is full of big smiles and a winsome nature.  He needs a family who understands his condition and is able to provide the health care he needs to lead a full and complete life.

Grant for HIV+ Ethiopian Children Over 2


This program is open to single applicants and married couples. There are countless numbers of children age 2 and older in Ethiopia who are waiting for homes. World Association for Children and Parents (WACAP) has assigned children age 2 and older that are HIV+ with adoption grants of $6,000 for eligible families. Their photos are not available on the website. If the average of your income (less $3,700 for each child already in your home) from the past two years is less than $125,000, you may be eligible for one of these Promise Child grants. For more information on Ethiopia’s waiting children, e-mail or call 1-800-732-1887. Singles may apply for children age 2 and older with HIV. To visit the web site, go to

Waiting Children in Ghana

This little girl is waiting in Ghana. Please contact for more information. Here is a brief introduction to adopting from Ghana. More info after the picture.

Girl. Date of birth 18 August 1997. There is a $1300+ grant through From HIV to Home which will reimburse travel expenses for the adoption of this child. She is a delightful girl and is  described as a “ray of sunshine”. She arrived at the orphanage quite ill, but she is on medication now and she is doing very well. **Update – sadly, this girl took a turn for the worse in summer 2010. She was hearing voices in her head telling her to do things. Schizophrenia is suspected although it may be some other mental health disorder. Resources are limited in the area for an actual diagnosis. She needs a family that can help her get the medications she needs to thrive, preferably someone who is familiar with similar mental health issues. When she is healthy and not hearing voices, she is wonderful and helpful and a ray of sunshine.

Fees are $6700 for a single child with special needs. (Includes all in-country fees. There are no agency fees. However, USCIS filing fees, fees related to homestudy and dossier preparation, as well as travel and accommodation, are not included).

Time line for Ghana is typically 9-12 months from dossier submission.


Boy in Uganda w/HIV & Down Syndrome

This little boy needs a family. Look at his smile! Here is some brief info about adopting from Uganda although Salem might have some additional information.

Special Needs Adoption

J. has Downs Syndrome and is HIV+. He also has some other health issues that will need to be taken care of once he is adopted.

I spent a lot of time with this little guy and he is amazing. He is three years old but looks and acts more like a 9-12 month old. He sits up on his own, scoots around on his belly and likes to scoot around in a walker (he can’t actually walk forward but propels himself backward). He has the best smile and loves to cuddle. He really likes standing up now (if you lift him into a standing position) and is gaining strength in his legs. He has an adorable giggle. He isn’t fussy, is generally quite content and happy unless you take his food away before he is finished!

He is living in a wonderful babies home, but really, really needs an adoptive family and access to medical care and therapy.

Please let me know if you are interested and I can get you more info and send pictures and video.

Feel free to share this with anyone who might be interested.


3 Young Siblings in Eastern Europe

Children’s House International is advocating for 3 adorable siblings in Eastern Europe. Married couples only may adopt from this country and one parent must be under 46.

The youngest child is a 2 year old boy. His date of birth is August 10, 2007. He is a darling little boy with dimples and blonde hair. His mother is an HIV carrier but he has tested negative. He has been hospitalized for hipogammaglobulinemia in the past. He is developmentally on track and has excellent motor development. He is said to have established very good emotional contact and he loves cuddling with his foster parents.  They describe him as “obedient, nice and smart”.  He lives in a foster home with his 2 biological sisters.

The middle child is a 4 year old girl. Her date of birth is September 18, 2005. She is a beautiful little girl with curly blond hair and brown eyes. She has tested positive for HIV and is undergoing antiretroviral treatment. She attends kindergarten with her siblings. She is cognitively on track, but is a bit small for her age. Her favorite activities at school are singing and reciting rhymes. She is described as “independent, protective towards her brother, smart, well behaved, helpful to others and winning.”

The oldest sibling is a 6 year old girl born April 9, 2004. She is a beautiful and vibrant kindergartner. She is HIV negative. Her cognitive and motor development are on track for her age. She is described as “mature, independent, smart, well behaved, protective of her siblings, helpful, good and beautiful.” The children are all together in a foster home, waiting for a permanent family.

The children are gorgeous! I wish I could publish their photographs, but the agency is very quick to get profiles and pictures to people who inquire. Contact Children’s House International.

4 Yr Old Girl in Thailand

Children’s Home Society & Family Services is looking for a family for a 4 yr old girl in Thailand.

Born at the end of 2005, she is an incredible girl with bright eyes. She has rosy chubby cheeks. She enjoys playing physical activities. She likes to play on the jungle gym and jump on the trampoline. She has great fine motor skills and can build a bridge using blocks and string beads on a thread. She is described as a happy and bright child. She enjoys other people and likes to play with her peers. She is affectionate and gives the younger children hugs and kisses. She can speak in her native language and knows some English words. She waits for her own family because she is HIV positive. Her family will be so lucky to see her smile each day!

Contact for her picture.

More information about adopting from Thailand here and here.

6 Year Old Boy – Waiting child

Here is a video from October 2008.

Daniel has been waiting an awfully long time for a family. He is a charming boy with a more childish rounded facial features and at the same time is sufficiently serious and thoughtful. He is a friendly and energetic boy. Daniel can be a bit touchy, because he loves being the center of attention, but has no leadership qualities. He considers himself a strong, true man! And, as befits a man, he really loves toy cars. DOB November 2003.

There are brothers or sisters
Date of Birth: November 2003
Gender: Male
Character: sociable