Ethiopia Sponsorship Opportunity

Ethiopia HIV Orphan SponsorshipLola Children’s Home is a small, loving orphanage located in Mekele, Ethiopia that serves children and families affected by HIV. Lola is the dream of Abebe Fantahun, an Ethiopian social worker that saw a tremendous need for services for HIV+ children and their families in the Tigray region of Ethiopia.

Lola Children’s Fund is now offering sponsorships for the children and families it serves. This is where  your help is needed! Please consider sponsoring a child. If you are unable to sponsor at this time, please spread this message through blogs, email and Facebook. There is so much that can be done through Lola Children’s Home and you can help make Abebe’s dream a reality.

Lola Children’s Fund offers three different sponsorships. The family sponsorship ($25/month) provides families affected by HIV with food, medication, education and other necessary services. These monies go directly to serve the families. Family sponsorships are currently limited but the need will grow as more families reach out to Lola.

The other sponsorships available through Lola are the Daycare ($30/month) and Resident ($35/months) programs. If you sponsor a child at Lola you will receive timely updates highlighting exactly how your donation is being utilized. These updates will include videos, photographs, or letters from your sponsor child along with a report from the orphanage. This small sponsorship program allows for the outstanding opportunity to be connected to your child. Each sponsor has the chance to correspond with their sponsor child on an annual basis.

Lola also offers the opportunity to provide special gifts to your sponsor child or the orphanage as a whole. This might include a birthday party, a Christmas celebration, an outing, or books for the children to enjoy. Your donation will be well documented so you too can enjoy the experience.

Because the sponsorship is entirely electronic, overhead costs are very minimal. This allows a very high percentage of your donation to go directly to the children. Transparency is important to everyone involved.

If you are interested in sponsorship or have any questions, please contact Marissa Baker at Please help spread the word.