Feel free to contact me with any questions, information, corrections, feedback or comments. My goal is to help HIV positive orphans to find families. There are three main ways these children can integrate into families and out of orphanages. Some relatives can provide adequate care if they receive sponsorship funds or community support; orphans with no living relatives can live with guardians and foster care families with the help of community outreach programs or sponsorship; or they can be adopted domestically or internationally. This site frequently features adoption stories, agencies and photolistings regarding special needs adoption, baby adoption and HIV adoption. This website exists to provide information and education for people interested in advocating or caring for HIV positive orphans. This is not a non-profit organization, it is not an adoption agency, and it does not solicit nor accept donations – it is a resource directory and a blog. Keep in mind while reading that I do not discriminate against religious people and organizations, homosexuals, people living with HIV & AIDS, etc. Thanks for stopping by! Please consider ‘following’ or ‘subscribing’ (upper left) to receive updates.