Faith Home for Children Overcoming HIV and AIDS (India)

In 2008, Faith Home for Children Overcoming HIV and AIDS was initiated in a rented house in Adoni, Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh, India, overcoming several obstacles along the way with the help of a few well wishers and sympathetic local government officials due to the persistent, unflinching and single-minded commitment of the founder, Rev (Dr). R Daniel Premkumar. Since then, the institution has grown and now houses 19 girls and 17 boys ranging from age 5 to 15. Girls now are living in a well furnished building that was completed in July 2013 and the boys still continue to live in the tin roofed hut in which the home was started. As a result of the construction of the new building, the home could now increase the intake of children in the days to come. In view of the contemplated increase in intake and heightened need to equip the children with employable skills, the Home presently requires the following additional facilities.

The priority from the beginning has been, and more so now, is building up of children: A desire to spend generously on Vocation Building, Children’s Education, additional Computer Facilities, and Qualitative Nutrition for HIV Infected, Sports and Games, Exposure and Educational trips to places of interest, Talent Development, Spiritual Nurture and Leadership Building. The wish list also includes a few infrastructural needs such as development of assured water supply system for the home as well as certain agriculture related resources for self-reliant and sustainable living.

An Appeal for Ushering in a New Dawn :

· Digging of a bore well and setting up a complete and reliable water supply system at Faith Home still stands out as a priority. This is estimated to cost about Rupees One hundred thousand. (Approximately US$1700.00)

· In order to meet the priority objective of building up of children, the estimated financial requirement for each child is about US$50.00 per month. When you sponsor a child in Faith Home, your commitment of US$50 per month has the potential to change the child’s life forever! Your support changes every aspect of your sponsored child’s life. Such Children in Faith Home’s program are provided with a chance to thrive and prosper, physically economically, socially and spiritually. Faith Home is committed to helping children in desperate need to grow into competent, world wise and committed Christian adults. More than 22,000 children less than 5 years of age per day die from causes that often are preventable and treatable. Such a situation could be directly associated with their poverty and deprivation related to nutrition, health care, education and economic and social empowerment. You can play a key role in helping to turn these numbers around. Your monthly sponsorship helps provide your child with life-changing benefits that include:

· Nutritious meals

· Health and hygiene care

· Medical checkups/drugs

· Educational opportunities

· Skill development

· The caring embrace of a local church

Sponsor now! Be the answer to a child’s prayer. Your life changes too.

Rev Dr R Daniel Premkumar
Founder – Faith Home for Children Overcoming HIV & AIDS,
2-462/1, Shantha Mallesappa Temple Road, Adoni- 518 302, Kurnool District, AP, India

Sponsor a Child in India ~ Family Preservation

ASRO is a hospital and orphanage in Cavelossim, Goa,  India. They also do community outreach and have recently expressed the following need:

Would you like to sponsor a HIV+ child in the community going to school, extra food and vitamins and personal development?

Sister Agnes at ASRO is asking if anyone is interested in becoming sponsor of children that are infected and still living with their parents that have HIV/AIDS. Sister Agnes says all children need their parents as long as possible in their lives so she won’t allow them to come to ASRO yet but has a very close contact with these families and cares deeply for the children.

Cost is €12 per month and minimum one year, preferably longer period so the child can grow and remain healthy. Sister Agnes will be in charge of distributing the money in a safe way and also give written reports of how the child is doing.

Contact them via the Facebook page


Girl in Ethiopia Needs a Sponsor

This beautiful girl is living with HIV. Her parents have died of AIDS and she now lives with her grandparents. I have been sponsoring her for the past couple of years, but am looking for a new sponsor to take over this role. She can be sponsored through Children’s Heaven, a wonderful organization helping at-risk orphaned girls through community support. Sponsorship is only $25 per month. She is very good about sending pictures, letters and cards at the holidays. She is a very sweet girl and the sponsorship funds go to helping her get medication, clothing and school supplies.

5 Year Old Girl in Uganda Needs a Sponsor

This is Joyce. She is 5 years old. Awaka Children’s Foundation is working on finding out her HIV status which is unknown at this point. Her parents are both HIV-positive and so is her little brother. Joyce suffers from severe malnutrition. Awaka is working on helping Joyce to receive the medical care and access to regular food to get her healthy again but they need the help of a Sponsor to do that. To Sponsor Joyce on a monthly basis is $25 per month. She can also be Sponsored on an annual basis for $300 per year.

Sponsor Needed for 2 Year Old Boy in Uganda

This little boy and his family can be sponsored through Awaka Children’s Foundation

This is Edward Segawa. He is 2 years old. His father has abandoned the family. His mother is HIV+ and Edward is positive as well. Your sponsorship would mean that Edward and his mother could receive ARVs and the other medical treatment they need to survive. It would also provide them with better food to speed their recovery. It is clear from his distended belly and light hair that Edward is suffering from malnutrition. Sponsors are crucial for families such as this to avoid this little boy from becoming orphaned.

Ethiopia Sponsorship Opportunity

Ethiopia HIV Orphan SponsorshipLola Children’s Home is a small, loving orphanage located in Mekele, Ethiopia that serves children and families affected by HIV. Lola is the dream of Abebe Fantahun, an Ethiopian social worker that saw a tremendous need for services for HIV+ children and their families in the Tigray region of Ethiopia.

Lola Children’s Fund is now offering sponsorships for the children and families it serves. This is where  your help is needed! Please consider sponsoring a child. If you are unable to sponsor at this time, please spread this message through blogs, email and Facebook. There is so much that can be done through Lola Children’s Home and you can help make Abebe’s dream a reality.

Lola Children’s Fund offers three different sponsorships. The family sponsorship ($25/month) provides families affected by HIV with food, medication, education and other necessary services. These monies go directly to serve the families. Family sponsorships are currently limited but the need will grow as more families reach out to Lola.

The other sponsorships available through Lola are the Daycare ($30/month) and Resident ($35/months) programs. If you sponsor a child at Lola you will receive timely updates highlighting exactly how your donation is being utilized. These updates will include videos, photographs, or letters from your sponsor child along with a report from the orphanage. This small sponsorship program allows for the outstanding opportunity to be connected to your child. Each sponsor has the chance to correspond with their sponsor child on an annual basis.

Lola also offers the opportunity to provide special gifts to your sponsor child or the orphanage as a whole. This might include a birthday party, a Christmas celebration, an outing, or books for the children to enjoy. Your donation will be well documented so you too can enjoy the experience.

Because the sponsorship is entirely electronic, overhead costs are very minimal. This allows a very high percentage of your donation to go directly to the children. Transparency is important to everyone involved.

If you are interested in sponsorship or have any questions, please contact Marissa Baker at Please help spread the word.

Community Support for Ethiopian Children with HIV

There are many ways to support HIV positive children, one of which is AHOPE For Children’s Community Support Program. I am a firm believer in programs such as this and others which enable parents and relatives to raise their children, rather than abandon them. Without community support programs such as this, there would be even more orphans in the world.

AHOPE for Children Sponsorship Update

Forward this message to a friend
We have some extraordinary news to
share! Since we announced campaign
FIFTEEN on World AIDS Day just
six days ago, 11 new sponsors have
stepped forward! We are blown away
by your generosity. And humbled
beyond words. We ask for your
continued support to reach the goal
of campaign FIFTEEN – 15 days to
find 15 sponsors for 15 orphans with
HIV in Ethiopia – and help change the lives of some of the world’s most
vulnerable AIDS victims.
Why? AHOPE Ethiopia is a children’s home to orphans infected with HIV,
which has recently moved to a larger residence with room to care for 15 more
orphans. The space is available for 15 more children, but the funds are needed
to help provide them with basic necessities such as food, medications, education
and holistic care. A child sponsorship is just $35/month ($420/year), and a co-op
sponsorship is a great idea for a group of 10 friends, family members or sorority
sisters to each pitch in $42/year. We can also provide an Honor Card if you wish
to sponsor a child in someone else’s name or memory. We have hope that there
are more people out there that will feel inspired to help these children. Will you
please join us on this journey to give hope a home?
Again, thank you for your generous support. With eight days remaining, we are
well on our way to our goal!
For more information, please click the following link:
5023 N. Parkway Calabasas | Calabasas, CA 91302 US