Urgent Adoption Situation – family needed

Waiting child - international adoption

This little girl is in an Eastern European country which has a quick adoption program – about 6-7 months total including homestudy. Only married couples may apply. One of the parents must be 51 or younger and the other parent’s age does not matter.

Victoria is an affectionate girl who loves hugs and kisses. Her date of birth is June 2004. She likes playing outdoors and she especially loves to swing and slide. Both of her sisters have already been adopted and she is still waiting for a Mama & Papa to take her home and love her. She speaks and can dress herself but she has significant developmental delays, HIV and is described as being hyperactive. It is possible that she may have fetal alcohol syndrome. There is urgent need for a family and significant risk that she may be transferred to a mental institution soon. She has SO much potential which can only be achieved in a loving and attentive family. She has been in an excellent orphanage up to this point and it’s crucial that she find a family before being transferred to a rather awful place. The birthmother is deceased, most likely from AIDS and she has 2 biological sisters who have been adopted.

Special needs adoption photolisting

This little girl LOVES individual attention. An adoptive family who recently visited her says that it is clear she wants and needs a Mama of her own and she will really miss her sisters. She loved to lay her head in this mom’s lap while on the bench swing and having her hair stroked. She is okay with sharing the attention, too. The mom says Victoria was fine with having 2 children in her lap but the other child tried to crowd Victoria out (because he wanted the attention all for himself) and she didn’t like that. Victoria likes sensory input. For example, she kept running her arms against the husband’s unshaven face and shivering and making a funny face then doing it again. She really likes being in the middle of whatever is going on and to be included. Unfortunately she is often excluded, even by the caregivers. It is a cycle that needs to be broken: she is delayed, she gets frustrated, they don’t let her do things the others are doing,  and she therefore gets more delayed and more frustrated. She is very, very sweet and loving. She needs a family with only a couple of kids so she can get lots of individual attention.

If you want a little girl to hug and kiss, she will gladly take all the hugs and kisses you can hand out. She is good with both men and women. She is a bit small for her age – maybe a size 4. The children are valued and loved at this orphanage. The grounds are visually stimulating and the kids get outside for a couple of hours in the morning and afternoon. They even have a pool and go swimming.

Waiting child photolisting