Adoption Grants for Older Children in Africa

WACAP ( a non-profit adoption agency is seeking families for these 3 children with immune system disorders. There is no fee to see their files – photos and additional info available.

Justice born February 2005

This little boy has been in care since he was three years old, and lives with a foster family. He’s described a well-liked, easy-going child who expresses his ideas freely. He’s a considerate boy who enjoys helping with younger kids. He has an immune system disorder and receives regular medication. WACAP offers a grant of $4200 to a family that makes less than $125,000 a year after child deductions.Contact
Yolanda born 5/1/2001   YS.0501.16175.07           

 Yolanda is a beautiful girl who likes attention and is making good progress in school. She’s “all girl” in that she likes to have her hair done, dress up and accessorize.  She has aimmune system disorder. She can be feisty,  but she also responds well to individual attention.There is a grant of $7300 to help a family who earns less than $125,000 a year after child deductions. Contact

Asher   Estimated birth date 8/1/2002 AH.0802.31959.07

Asher’s mother is living but too ill to care for him properly. His father is deceased.  We have personal observations of him and numerous photos and a video.  He has a immune system disorder.Grant of $7300 available to help an eligible family that makes less than $125,000 a year after child deductions. Contact

International Adoption Program: SOUTH AFRICA

Three American adoption agencies Bethany Christian Services, La Vida International and Spence Chapin have announced pilot international adoption programs in South Africa. These agencies have experience with special needs adoptions. La Vida has indicated that they are working with LGBT individuals, couples and families to adopt orphans with HIV from South Africa.

South Africa signed an international convention on inter-country adoptions

Acres of Love

Shepherd’s Keep

The Love of Christ Children’s Home

South Africa to Treat all HIV-positive Babies [2009]

10 Children with HIV Need Parents

RainbowKids newsletter dated February 7, 2012 is reporting about 10 children with HIV in need of adoptive parents. All of the children are listed with the very reputable agency CHSFS. Contact about these little ones:

  • Girl in Eastern Europe born 10/2007
  • Boy in Eastern Europe born 7/2009
  • Boy in Eastern Europe born 7/2008
  • Boy in Asia born 3/2004
  • Boy in Latin America born 11/2008
  • Girl in Latin America born 11/2004
  • Boy in Latin America born 6/2009
  • Boy in Latin America born 10/2003
  • Boy in Latin America born 5/2003
  • Boy in Africa born 3/2007

International Adoption from BURUNDI

Lutheran Social Service of MN has a pilot adoption program for Burundi. The agency has indicated that HIV+ children are in need of families. Married couples must be married 5 years. Single females age 30-55 can adopt. There is no restriction to the number of children in the home. Parents must not have any major medical conditions or criminal background. Total travel is 3-4 weeks.

Int’l Adoption Country Program: LIBERIA

Adopt Liberian Orphaned Children with HIV/AIDS

The adoption agency All Blessings International has announced an adoption program in Liberia. According to the website, there has been a partial lift of the moratorium on adoption from Liberia and 3 agencies are now licensed to place children with medical needs. They are partnering with a Liberian agency which has HIV+ children in their program. The agency indicates that adopting parents must be over age 21, two parent families are preferred by Liberia although single woman can apply. I don’t know if there have been any successful adoptions by single men in Liberia. Large families are welcome to adopt. More information about adopting from Liberia on the website. I don’t see any health restrictions listed for the adopting parents. Another agency to speak to about Liberian adoption is Americans For African Adoptions (AFAA). This agency has experience with HIV adoption from other countries.

Waiting Child Photolisting – BOY born 2004

African child with HIV waiting for adoptionHolt International waiting child photolisting. Child ID B09_37. East Africa.

This is a little boy who loves toys and is described as jolly. He is reported to be developing quite well and easily adapts to many environments. He currently attends a class at the care center kindergarten. This little boy came into care a few days after his birth. His birth mother was reported to be suffering from a mental illness. He was admitted to the hospital once for neonatal sepsis. In May 2010 he had malaria and received treatment, and is now stated to be doing well. He also recently tested HIV-positive. He is reportedly learning to jump rope and loves to sing. This cheerful little boy waits for a family who is comfortable with his diagnosis and who can provide him with the ongoing medical care that he will need.

To adopt this child, couples must be between the ages of 25-44 and married for at least 2 years. They can have up to five children in the home. Hold is looking for a few families who are flexible and have a pioneering spirit. If you are interested in adopting from this new program, please call the Holt Africa staff to discuss the program: 531-687-2202.

5 Year Old Girl in Africa Waiting

Adoption from Africa

This waiting child photolisting is for a sweet five year old girl waiting in Africa for a family of her own. D was born in 2005.  She is HIV-positive and currently on ARV’s.  She is in good health.  She is a very kind, fun-loving girl.  She is shy when you first meet her but warms up when you start interacting with her.  She loves playing tag.  She is ticklish and can be silly.  She is need of a loving adoptive family. Adopting from her country is easy and affordable.

$7300 Adoption Grants for Ethiopia

World Association for Children & Parents (WACAP) is a non-profit adoption agency. They are offering $7,300 grants toward the agency fees for the adoption of HIV-positive toddlers and children age 2 and older in Ethiopia. Eligible single women and married couples may adopt. You may specify the age range of the child(ren) you hope to adopt, but you must be open to either gender. After you complete your paperwork, you'll receive the referral of a child that matches your age preference. To find out more, please contact