Single Men, Gay couples & individuals Adopting Children with HIV

Men can adopt internationally, whether single, gay or straight.

Following is an extensive list of country programs which may be open to men and other adopting parents who are not in a traditional married relationship. This article was written in January 2011 and things change in the international adoption world very quickly. [Update as of 2016, South Africa, Brazil and Mexico or the best countries for LGBT singles and couples]. Please contact me with any corrections to this information so I can try to keep this article updated. Always do your own research and be diligent in your quest for correct and current information. lists the adoption authority in each country and the embassy can also provide official information about adoptive parent eligibility requirements and licensed agencies in your country of citizenship. Requirements are often agency specific, so if you find an agency you want to work with which does not indicate that men can adopt – ask them to make an exception for an HIV positive orphan or keep searching.

India is open to single men and women and definitely has HIV-positive children registered for international adoption. Try CHLSSWACAP or Illien Adoptions in America or CAFAC and Children’s Bridge in Canada.  Single Ichild Yahoo Group. Canadians Adopting From India Forum.

Colombia (not Columbia) is open to single men and there are HIV+ children waiting. [Update: as of April 2016, same-sex marriage is now legal in Colombia which may mean that LGBT individuals and couples can adopt]. Contact CHLSS, La Vida or AdopolisAdopt Colombia Yahoo Group. Swedish Colombian Adoption Yahoo Group -En Lista for de som har /kommer att adoptera fran Colombia. Dutch Colombian Adoption Yahoo Group – Adoptie Colombia voor en door aspirant ouders.

Philippines allows single men to adopt according to Children of All Nations. Also see Wide Horizons for Children, maybe Crossroads, Welcome House / Pearl S. Buck Int’l, and Madison Adoption Associates indicates that families are needed for children with HIV, although they specify single women (inquire and show them other agencies which allow men as well as this site which does not restrict men). Hand In Hand has placed HIV+ children from a different country.  Bethany Christian Services (experience with HIV) indicates that single applicants will need pre-approval for a waiting child. Holt International (experience with HIV) indicates single applicants are accepted for children with special needs – perhaps they would be able to locate a child with HIV lacking parental care. If you are in Canada, try Formons Une Famille adoption agency which is currently processing special needs requests only.  Formons Une Famille Philippines Yahoo Group (Canada). Adoption_Phillipines (in French). Adopt Philippines International (if you are outside USA), Adopt Phillipines USA.

Uganda HIV+ children are in need of international parents and single men are allowed to adopt. Some adoption agencies you could start inquiring with include Adoption Advocates International, Americans For African Adoption (AFAA), Children of All Nations and Nightlight Christian Adoptions. Independent adoptions are also allowed. Uganda Adoptions Yahoo Group and Ugandan Adoptive Families.

Estonia came to a standstill after this article was written. It used to be an excellent option for single dads who wish to adopt. There have been successful HIV adoptions from this country. For an update, contact Adoption Hope International. See the Estonian Adoption group and the AdoptingFromEstonia group.

Latvia is another excellent option for adopting single fathers. Children with HIV are currently registered for international adoption. Men are welcome to adopt Latvian children. Some of the agencies to start with include About A Child, One World Adoption Services and Children of All Nations.

Costa Rica allows single men. See Wide Horizons for Children or Welcome House / Pearl S. Buck to find out if children with HIV are in need of parental care.

Bulgaria is open to single male adoption but at the time of this writing, there were no waiting children with HIV. An adoption agency in Canada such as Sunrise might be able to partner with Vesta for Bulgaria. There are many American adoption agencies working in this country, although the ones that specifically mention “singles” (opposed to “single women”) include: Lifeline, Carolina Adoption Services, Adoptions Together, Hopscotch Adoptions, About A Child, Adopolis, MLJ and Gladney.  That’s just a starter list. Hopefully one of those will be able to represent you and locate an HIV+ child for you, but if not, there are other agencies to contact such as OWAS – point out to them that single men are not restricted by Bulgaria. Inquire with your country’s embassy such as the US Embassy in Bulgaria and Bulgaria’s adoption authority website Ministry of Justice. See the Bulgaria-Adopt Yahoo Group.

Ecuador Single men can adopt although I have not researched waiting children with HIV. Try Terre des Hommes Ontario if you are Canadian or CHSFS and Illien for Americans. All three agencies have experience with HIV adoption and might be able to locate an HIV+ child for you. The central authority is Consejo Nacional de la Ninez y Adolescencia (CNNA) National Council of Childhood and Adolescence. See also Ecuador-Adopt Yahoo Group and CanEc_Adoption Yahoo Group for Canadians.

Moldova At the time of this writing, The Family Network did not have parent requirements for Moldova on their website, Carolina Adoption Services,Spence-ChapinAdoption Miracle and Adoptions Together all indicated single women (which might be an agency not government preference). I think it’s worth contacting them “just in case” because this might be a potential country program for single men as does not state a gender preference. The US Embassy in Moldova or other Moldovan Embassies might also be able to provide you with concrete eligibility policies and point you in the right direction.   HIV-positive orphans ARE currently registered for international adoption (according to CAS). The adoption authority which makes the rules is the Ministry of Labour, Social Protection and Family and the various links lead here. See the Moldova Adoption Yahoo Group

Liberia allows single parents to adopt and does not state a preference between single fathers and single mothers. All Blessings International states that it is one of three adoption agencies licensed to place children with medical needs. The website states there are HIV+ children in the program. However, this particular agency only mentions single women – inquire as does not indicate that men are unwelcome. Adopt International accepts male applicants. AdoptingFromLiberia and AdoptAfrica Yahoo Group.

Peru allows single dads to adopt. Children of All Nations has indicated that waiting children with HIV are currently registered for adoption. Other agencies to consider include CHSFSVilla Hope, Carolina Adoption Services, and Illien Adoptions International. The Yahoo Group is PeruAdopt and is open to US, Spain, Italy and other countries.

Haiti is open for single parent adoption (does not state men or women) and there have been HIV-positive children registered for international adoption in the past. Try Adoption-Link (which experience with HIV adoption and states that exceptions to parent criteria can be made for HIV-positive children), Love Beyond Borders or Carolina Adoption Services to start. There are many other agencies to inquire with although single men are not mentioned on their websites. If you are in Canada, try CAFAC or Sunrise. Outside of US and Canada, contact your country’s adoption authority or the Haitian adoption authority Institut de Bien Etre Social et de Recherches (IBESR) or your embassy such as US Embassy in Haiti. The HaitianAngels Yahoo Adoption Group and the Canadians Adopting From Haiti group might also be of assistance.

Jamaica can be a challenging adoption process according to the Yahoo group. Adopting parents in process say the best way to adopt from Jamaica may be to identify a child yourself and adopt independently. Plan on corresponding with the Jamaicans diligently and traveling there occasionally to keep the paperwork moving along. All single applicants are considered on a case by case basis according to There is at least one HIV orphanage which may be able to help you identify a child. Child Development Agency (CDA) is the central adoption authority. CAFAC in Canada.

Belize is open to single men and women. There are waiting children with HIV currently registered.

Mexico allows single men and same sex couples to adopt jointly from certain jurisdictions including Mexico City. Contact CHLSS which has experience with HIV adoptions, single men and LGBT adoptions. Other options might be Carolina Adoption Services, International Child FoundationAcross the World Adoptions, All God’s Children or MLJ Adoptions. Be sure you are using an approved agency. I do not know of specific waiting children with HIV, but the agencies can advise you.

Democratic Republic of the Congo Singles are accepted, with no stated preference toward women. Try Hands Across the Water, One World Adoption Services, Wasatch International Adoption, MLJ and Compassionate Hearts (experience with HIV). Congo Adopt Yahoo Group. Our Hearts in Congo Yahoo Group (Canada?) Adopcion Congo (Spanish language)

Nicaragua MLJ states that single men can adopt from this country. Please inquire with the agency to find out if HIV+ children are in need of adoptive fathers. Nicaragua Adoption Yahoo Group.

Hong Kong does not state a preference between single women and men. I do not know if children living with HIV are registered for international adoption. You could inquire with Bethany Christian Services. The Yahoo Group is HK Adopt

Uzbekistan allows single applicants according to The agency About A Child has an adoption program in this country and this agency has experience with HIV adoption (in other countries). Please inquire with the agency to determine if there are any Uzbek children with HIV in need of international parents. US Embassy in Uzbekistan. There are other agencies as well. See the Uzbekistan Adoption Yahoo Group.

United States of America allows single men and women of any sexual orientation to adopt openly. There are less than 200 HIV-positive babies born in USA per year and most stay with their biological families. Only a couple of children per year seem to be in need of adoptive families. Contact your county or state foster-adopt organization keeping in mind it is rather unlikely you will be matched with child with HIV. Here is a basic overview of the process.

Poland allows single adoptive parents. BVS Adoption Program indicates “singles” without a preference to men or women.  Saint Mary International Adoptions, Huminska’s Anioly and Children’s House International Adoptions are some more agencies working in this country although these sites state single women. However, CHI says the adopting parent requirements are flexible for children with special needs. Catholic Charities may also be able to assist.  At the time of this writing, siblings with HIV were waiting. You may want to indicate to the agency that men are not excluded as per the Poland Embassy in Washington DC, and by confirming with the Polish Adoption Authority (contact info at the bottom of the previous link). According to this link and this link, some of the cooperating countries include Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, USA, Italy, Spain, Finland, Norway and Austria (maybe others). If you are located in a different country, the last link indicates they are open to cooperating with additional licensed agencies by signing a mutual cooperation agreement. See the Polish Adoptions Yahoo Group and the Adoption-Poland Group.

Africa Sunrise Adoption in Canada has an HIV program for several countries in Africa. Inquire to see if singles are accepted into the program.

Russia If you are outside the US, there are MANY orphans with HIV in need of parents right now. There are very limited regions from which men can adopt although I believe N*zhny Novg*rod may be an option. Previously, American men were working with Adoption Center of Washington and Cradle of Hope. Americans cannot adopt from this country as of January 1, 2013.

Hungary allows single adoptive parents (particularly for older children and those with special needs) and does not state a preference between men and women. Try contacting About A Child or Children’s House International to find out if children with HIV are waiting. Hungarian Adoption Yahoo Group.

Brazil is open to single men and women. I do not know if HIV+ children are currently registered for international adoption. Contact CAFAC in Canada. In America, the Hague approved agencies as of January 2016 were Lutheran Social Services, Lifeline Children’s Services, Hand In Hand International Adoptions and Across the World Adoptions. Check the US gov Intercountry Adoption website for updates.  This might be a good option for homosexual couples who want to adopt openly as gay adoption is legal in Brazil (contact CHLSS). See the Summary of Laws by Jurisdiction on Wikipedia to be sure LGBT adoption is legal in your state, province or country before inquiring. Gay adoption is legal in most provinces in Canada. If you are outside of Canada or US, you’ll need to do some research to see if Brazil has an adoption agreement with your country. Start your research with your country’s adoption authority and with the State Judiciary Commission of Adoption (CEJA): see “Brazil’s Central Authority” for contact info. If you happen to be in an area where gay adoption is legal such as Belgium, Denmark, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States and some areas of Canada, Australia, etc – you can adopt openly from Brazil!

Vietnam (updated 01/15) In the past, Americans have adopted orphans with HIV from Vietnam. After a period of closure, USA is now re-opening pilot programs with Vietnam. The 2 agencies to contact are Dillon Int’l (which has placed children with HIV) and Holt Int’l. Vietnamese adoption is also open to citizens of other countries including Canada. Contact Terre des Hommes Ontario which states in a January 20, 2011 update that, although the program is going through major changes, “adoption of special needs children will not be interrupted during this time”. Also Choices in BC, Formons une Famille in Quebec mentions children with HIV/AIDS and mentions “singles” without specifying men or women. TDH Quebec also states “singles” and they will discuss special needs adoptions only at this time. HIV+ children are waiting in Viet Nam. Also see the Vietnam Adoption Canada Yahoo Group. If you are outside of Canada, inquire with your adoption authority to find out if your country has a bilateral agreement with Vietnam.

Panama I have heard of one HIV+ child who has been adopted from Panama by a married American couple. The family indicates there are more waiting children with HIV in Panama. According to the US Embassy in Panama, single persons may adopt a child of either gender. The American agencies working in Panama include Hands Across The Water, Families Through International Adoption and European Adoption Consultants. If you would like to provide official confirmation to an agency that single guys can adopt, you could request the policy directly from Panama’s Adoption Authority (in Spanish language of course):

El Salvador Single parents are eligible to adopt. If you are American, try Americans for International Aid and Adoption first, followed by All Blessings International (although it states ‘single women’) or Villa Hope (does not specify if singles are allowed). Here is the adoption authority website which lists agencies for citizens of various countries, and here is the US Embassy in El Salvador. Hopefully the agency of your choice will be able to advise you if children with HIV are waiting. ElSalvadorAdopt Yahoo Group and El Salvador Adoption Group

South Africa is open to single adoptive moms and dads as well as homosexual and heterosexual couples. La Vida International indicates that LGBT individuals and couples are welcome to apply. Spence Chapin indicates the same. Another agency working in South Africa is Bethany Christian Services. Canadians and citizens of other countries which have an adoption agreement with South Africa can also adopt. If you are in a different country and want to find out if you can adopt, you could inquire with your country’s adoption authority and South Africa’s adoption authority Department of Social Development, Registrar of Adoptions and/or The Commissioner of Child Welfare. There are HIV+ orphans in need of parental care. Three organizations helping orphans with HIV in ZA include Acres of Love, Shepherd’s Keep and The Love of Christ (TLC)

St. Vincent Creative Adoptions is the only US adoption agencies working in St. Vincent and it states “single women”. If you are Canadian, you could inquire with CAFAC (experience with HIV adoption)  to see if single men can adopt children with HIV although their website also indicates “single women”.  However, indicates “single parents may adopt” which does not exclude men, so it is worth inquiring.  I don’t personally know of any orphans living with HIV in need of parental care in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, but I’m happy to help anyone research this topic. SVG Adopt Yahoo Group

Lesotho HIV+ children are in need of international parents. I do not know if single men are welcome to apply but you may be able to find out from these contacts. If you reside in one of these four countries, please contact your approved agency: in US contact Americans for African Adoption, in Canada contact Sunrise Adoption Services, in the Netherlands, contact  Stichting Kind en Toekomost: and in Sweden contact Adoption Centrum: Dutch Yahoo Group: Adoptie Uit Lesotho

Armenia allows single applicants. Inquire with Carolina Adoption Services. The adoption authority and here to find out if children with HIV are registered for international adoption. Armenian Adoption Interest Yahoo Group

Guyana might be a possibility as single individuals are eligible to adopt. Try World View Adoption Association in Canada. Hopefully an adoption agency will be able to inform you if children living with HIV are waiting for families.

You may find it helpful to join online support groups such as Aussie Singles Adopt, HIV Adoption, Single Adopt Vietnam, Single Adopt NY, UK Single Adopters, Children’s Bridge Singles (Canada), Irish Singles Adopt, Gay Dads, Germany or Denmark Single Adoption, Dutch Single Adoption – Adoptie Singles Vlaanderen, Maybe Baby Seattle, Pop Luck Club, etc.

$7300 Adoption Grants for Ethiopia

World Association for Children & Parents (WACAP) is a non-profit adoption agency. They are offering $7,300 grants toward the agency fees for the adoption of HIV-positive toddlers and children age 2 and older in Ethiopia. Eligible single women and married couples may adopt. You may specify the age range of the child(ren) you hope to adopt, but you must be open to either gender. After you complete your paperwork, you'll receive the referral of a child that matches your age preference. To find out more, please contact 

International Adoption from TAIWAN

Taiwan has waiting children with HIV registered for international adoption. World Association for Children & Parents (WACAP) is placing children with HIV from Taiwan.

According to and the placing agencies:

Age requirements: One parent must be at least 20 years older than the orphaned child and the other must be 16 years older. (Generally aged 25/30 minimum to 50/55 maximum to adopt children with HIV).

Marriage requirements: Prefer couples who have been married at least 2-5 years (depending which agency you talk to). Single applicants are not currently being accepted.

Travel: At least one parent must travel to Taiwan for 4-6 business days.

Other adoption agencies which place children from Taiwan and have placed HIV+ children (from other countries) include: Children’s Home Society and Family Services (CHSFS), Bethany Christian Services, and Wide Horizons for Children and possibly Children’s House International (which was advocating for a sibling group of 3 in October 2010).

International Adoption from POLAND

In a continuing series of posts about international adoption country programs, the latest country known to have waiting children with HIV is POLAND. Contact Nina.

According to, Rainbow Kids and Children’s House International (CHI):

*The requirements below are flexible for special needs according to CHI

Age requirements: Adopting parents must be at least 25 years old (according to CHI). Parents are generally within 40 years of the age of the child (fathers up to 45 years older according to Rainbow Kids).

Marriage requirements: Married couples and single individuals may apply. (5  years preferred with no previous divorces according to CHI).

Timeline: 4-12 months

Travel: Two trips are required (total of 4-5 weeks according to CHI). Only one parent must travel for 2nd trip.

*Inquire about a sibling group of 3 who were waiting as of October 2010*

6 Yr Old Girl in Thailand & Twins in Ethiopia

There is a beautiful 6 year old girl waiting for international adoption in Thailand. She is being advocated for by World Association for Children & Parents (WACAP). Older parents okay. Prefer families with 3 or fewer children in the home. She is a quiet, but friendly and sweet girl. There is grant for qualifying families. A video is available.

WACAP is also advocating for twins in Ethiopia. The brother is negative and sister is positive – they are 9 years old. There is a $9,500 grant for a family making less than $125,000 after deductions. Both of the children are currently healthy and they are sweet looking children. ID numbers: W.KW.0401.31165.07 and W.HW.0401.31164.07 on the waiting child photolisting.

AAI Uganda Adoption Program

HIV Adoption from Uganda

Adoption Advocates International (AAI) has introduced a pilot international adoption program for Uganda. Salem Richards is the Uganda Program Coordinator and she has also recently adopted from Uganda and blogs at SisterHaiti. They are working with an HIV orphanage in the western part of Uganda near the Congo border. The orphanage has many HIV+ children including a 2/3 year old boy, a beautiful 5 year old girl, a very sweet 7 year old boy, a 7 year old girl and a 12 year old boy. Siblings are also waiting for a family – the sister  is 4ish and the brother is 7ish. Pictures, videos and additional info are available.

International Adoption from LESOTHO

HIV Adoption

This is a continuation of a series of posts regarding international adoption country programs which have HIV positive children waiting for families. Lesotho is a tiny country in the middle of South Africa. The  HIV/AIDS rates are among the highest in the world. If you are in the United States, Canada, Sweden or the Netherlands, you can adopt from Lesotho. Each of those countries has one adoption agency – in America it’s Americans for African Adoptions.

Single women and married couples may adopt (I don’t know if single men are welcome to apply). Adopting parents should be at least 25 years old and there are no upper age limits. Approximately 2 weeks of travel required. I have not seen any restrictions on family size. A medical form is required, but I’m not sure if an HIV test is required for adopting parents.

In US contact AfAA for costs, timelines, eligibility and current waiting children. In Canada contact Sunrise Adoption Services, in the Netherlands, contact  Stichting Kind en Toekomost: and in Sweden contact Adoption Centrum:

As of July 24, 2010, AfAA was advocating for a 20 month old boy who is HIV+ and waiting for a family.

Further Research:

Lesotho on Wikipedia

28 Stories of AIDS in Africa

YouTube: Lesotho AIDS Orphans

YouTube: Lesotho HIV Orphanage


Grant for HIV+ Ethiopian Children Over 2


This program is open to single applicants and married couples. There are countless numbers of children age 2 and older in Ethiopia who are waiting for homes. World Association for Children and Parents (WACAP) has assigned children age 2 and older that are HIV+ with adoption grants of $6,000 for eligible families. Their photos are not available on the website. If the average of your income (less $3,700 for each child already in your home) from the past two years is less than $125,000, you may be eligible for one of these Promise Child grants. For more information on Ethiopia’s waiting children, e-mail or call 1-800-732-1887. Singles may apply for children age 2 and older with HIV. To visit the web site, go to

International Adoption from HAITI

International adoption from Haiti

According to Rainbow Kids and Chances By Choice:

Requirements are flexible for adopting HIV exposed children, so inquire even if you do not meet the stated criteria. Single parents are allowed to adopt from Haiti. Couples should show proof of marriage or proof of cohabitation for 10 years. One parent should be between the ages of 35-55. In the past, only 2 children in the home were allowed, although this orphanage is allowing up to 5 children in the home for married couples (not singles).

Travel is required. First trip is 5 days. Second trip to get the child’s visa at the American embassy and bring the child home. Traveling to Haiti from North America is relatively easy.

Timeline: Chances by Choice states 10-14 months from the time the dossier is submitted. Rainbow Kids states 2-3 years total from start to finish.

Bethany Christian Services has also had photolistings of waiting children with HIV.

Children of the Promise

God’s Littlest Angels and blog

Maison Arc en Ciel

Haitian Angels Yahoo Group.