International Adoption from COLOMBIA

There are several HIV positive waiting children in Colombia (not Columbia) who are available for international adoption through CHLSSAdopolis, La Vida and other agencies. This is a great program for people interested in adopting from Central America, South America, Latin America, etc. Requirements according to Adoption.State.Gov and the agency:

Age Requirements: Both parents are required to be 25 years old, and the agency recommends no older than 55.

Marriage Requirements: Colombian law allows adoptions by a married man and woman and common law spouses of more than three years. Single men and women are only allowed to adopt children over the age of seven, or who have special needs. No more than one divorce per applicant. [Update, as of April 2016, gay marriage is now legal in Colombia which may mean that LGBT individuals and couples will be able to adopt – ask an agency]

Other Requirements: No history of physical or mental diagnosis, and no history of criminal incidents.

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