International Adoption from RUSSIA

There are many HIV positive children of all ages, including babies under 2, who are waiting to be adopted in Russia.

Currently, families residing in the United States and Canada cannot cadopt these children, although families residing in other countries CAN.

[Previously, some American agencies experienced with HIV adoption included Hand in Hand, Global, Children’s Home Society & Family Services and HAPS. The two agencies which specifically state ‘single men’ are Adoption Center of Washington and Cradle of Hope.] If you are outside the United States, you could try REEAA, Irina O’Rear and others. Canadians can try

There are adoption photolistings on this site. See also Reece’s Rainbow, Project Hopeful, and Rainbow Kids (login 1st before clicking the link and keep in mind the region may be called ‘Eastern Europe’ or ‘Unspecified’).

For support groups and further information about Russian adoption, here is the link to the Russian Adoption Yahoo group and In the United Kingdom, see the RussianUKAdoption Yahoo group.

Requirements according to Adoption.State.GovFRUA, Creating a Family and Reece’s Rainbow:

Age Requirements: Applicants must not be more than 60 years older than a special needs adopted child (varies by region). There should be at least 16 years age difference between the child and parent if the adopting parent is single.

Marriage Requirements: Single men may adopt from certain regions. Single women are also accepted, as are married couples. Prior divorce is acceptable and there are no restrictions on the number of children already living in the home (varies by region).

Other Requirements: Medical requirements: some disqualifying parent conditions include tuberculosis (active and chronic), illness of the internal organs and nervous system, dysfunction of the limbs, infectious diseases, drug and alcohol addictions, psychiatric disorders, and any disability preventing the person from working.

Travel: Three trips in most regions. 1st trip, one or both parents travel for 5-10 days to meet the child and accept the referral. Wait 2-3 months for a court date. Both parents travel for 2nd trip for court; about 5 business days. There is a 30 day wait after court before you can return to Russia to pick up your child – only one parent must travel on Trip 3 which varies in length from 5-15 days.

The Children: Aged 14 months – 16 years.  Multiple unrelated children can be adopted at the same time (varies by region).

Timeframe: This program generally takes 12 months for a waiting child (including the time spent on homestudy), depending on how quickly you complete your dossier.