International Adoption from POLAND

In a continuing series of posts about international adoption country programs, the latest country known to have waiting children with HIV is POLAND. Contact Nina.

According to, Rainbow Kids and Children’s House International (CHI):

*The requirements below are flexible for special needs according to CHI

Age requirements: Adopting parents must be at least 25 years old (according to CHI). Parents are generally within 40 years of the age of the child (fathers up to 45 years older according to Rainbow Kids).

Marriage requirements: Married couples and single individuals may apply. (5  years preferred with no previous divorces according to CHI).

Timeline: 4-12 months

Travel: Two trips are required (total of 4-5 weeks according to CHI). Only one parent must travel for 2nd trip.

*Inquire about a sibling group of 3 who were waiting as of October 2010*