International Adoption Program: JAMAICA

There is an HIV orphanage in Jamaica called Dare to Care which has 3 homes in Kingston and Spanish Town. Here is some further info in the Jamaica Online Star, The Gleaner, contact info, and a Google search will provide many more links.  There are probably other HIV+ children in other orphanages. I have “heard” that the CDA in Jamaica can match you with a child according to the age/gender/special needs you request but that process takes much longer than if you identify a child in advance. The process in Jamaica seems challenging. Plan on following up constantly to keep your paperwork moving along, and it may help to visit during the process to keep things moving. Try to establish a connection/relationship with someone at the CDA so your paperwork doesn’t stay at the bottom of the pile.

Less than 100 Jamaican children per year find adoptive families in America.

Children are available for adoption as young as 6 weeks.

Most Jamaican adoptions are done independently, without an agency. The adoption authority in Jamaica is the CDA.

Requirements according to Adoption.State.Gov, and Rainbow Kids.

Age Requirements: At least 25 years old and no upper age limit.

Marriage Requirements: Single persons are allowed to adopt. Couples must be married at least 1 year.

Other Requirements: No restrictions on family size.

After a referral is accepted, the adoption process in Jamaica takes about 3 months. You then travel to Jamaica and stay 5-7 days in Kingston to get your child’s visa from the US Embassy, then travel home with your child. Citizens of the US receive guardianship and complete the adoption at the county court where they reside (your home-study agency will assist you).

For more information, join the Jamaica Adoption Yahoo Group