International Adoption from INDIA

There are many HIV positive orphans in India. Here is an adoption story and the same family is featured here.

Adoption agencies include Children’s Home | LSSIllien Adoptions, America World AdoptionChildren’s House International and Holt International. In Canada, contact Children’s Bridge.

Here is the link to the yahoo group for adoption from India.  Here is the link to the yahoo group for single parents adopting from India. One family adopted a 2 year old girl from the Naz Foundation Care Home and the care was excellent.

Requirements according to Adoption.State.Gov and Rainbow Kids

Age Requirements: Applicants must be at least 30 years of age and not more than 55. Married couples must have a combined age of 90 years or less if adopting an infant. The age of any one of the PAPs should not exceed 55 years (although US Dept of State says this is flexible for children with special needs). Single parents up to age 45 can adopt (according to US Dept of State). PAPs should be 21 years older than the child.

Marriage Requirements: A married couple that has been in a stable relationship for at least 5 years.  Single persons may adopt. LGBT individuals and couples welcome. According the US Dept of State, singles should not be widowed or divorced, but these requirements aren’t listed on the other 2 sites.

Other Requirements: No more than 3 children in the home.

Contact the agency to find out if any of these eligibility requirements are flexible for children with HIV.

Travel: Usually 3-5 days.

The Children: Infants to Pre-teens.

US Embassy in India

Central Adoption Resource Authority in India and eligibility requirements