International Adoption from TAIWAN

Taiwan has waiting children with HIV registered for international adoption. World Association for Children & Parents (WACAP) is placing children with HIV from Taiwan.

According to and the placing agencies:

Age requirements: One parent must be at least 20 years older than the orphaned child and the other must be 16 years older. (Generally aged 25/30 minimum to 50/55 maximum to adopt children with HIV).

Marriage requirements: Prefer couples who have been married at least 2-5 years (depending which agency you talk to). Single applicants are not currently being accepted.

Travel: At least one parent must travel to Taiwan for 4-6 business days.

Other adoption agencies which place children from Taiwan and have placed HIV+ children (from other countries) include: Children’s Home Society and Family Services (CHSFS), Bethany Christian Services, and Wide Horizons for Children and possibly Children’s House International (which was advocating for a sibling group of 3 in October 2010).

International Adoption from POLAND

In a continuing series of posts about international adoption country programs, the latest country known to have waiting children with HIV is POLAND. Contact Nina.

According to, Rainbow Kids and Children’s House International (CHI):

*The requirements below are flexible for special needs according to CHI

Age requirements: Adopting parents must be at least 25 years old (according to CHI). Parents are generally within 40 years of the age of the child (fathers up to 45 years older according to Rainbow Kids).

Marriage requirements: Married couples and single individuals may apply. (5  years preferred with no previous divorces according to CHI).

Timeline: 4-12 months

Travel: Two trips are required (total of 4-5 weeks according to CHI). Only one parent must travel for 2nd trip.

*Inquire about a sibling group of 3 who were waiting as of October 2010*

Int’l Adoption Program: CHINA

HIV adoption from China

China is by no means new to international adoption; Americans adopted more children from China last year than from any other country. This is a stable, well established program. For a long time, children with HIV were not listed for international adoption (not due to any shortage of HIV+ orphans), but now that China is mostly a special needs program, there are some HIV+ children starting to be listed.

Try contacting Adoption Advocates International (very experienced with HIV adoption) and Chinese Children Adoption International.

According to and Rainbow Kids:

Parent ages 30-55.

Child ages 10 months – 13 years.

Married couples married at least 2 years. Previously divorced couples must be married at least 5 years. No more than 2 divorces. Total value of family assets $80K. Family income equals at least $10K per family member. Both parents should have high school equivalent degree.

Single women are now being accepted for children with special needs such as HIV. They must not have more than 2 children already living in the home, with the youngest child being 6 or older. They can adopt one child at a time with one year interval between adoptions. Parent age 30-50 or for parents over 50, no more than 45 years between the age of the child and parent. Total value of asset $100K. Income equals at least $10K per family member.

See above links for health requirements and criminal history of adopting parents.

Timeline is about 8-12 months for HIV+ children. After receiving a referral, it takes about 4-8 weeks to get travel approval. Travel time in China is up to 2 weeks. Only one parent must travel.

Always consult with the agency as they may have slightly different information that the outline above.

International Adoption from LESOTHO

HIV Adoption

This is a continuation of a series of posts regarding international adoption country programs which have HIV positive children waiting for families. Lesotho is a tiny country in the middle of South Africa. The  HIV/AIDS rates are among the highest in the world. If you are in the United States, Canada, Sweden or the Netherlands, you can adopt from Lesotho. Each of those countries has one adoption agency – in America it’s Americans for African Adoptions.

Single women and married couples may adopt (I don’t know if single men are welcome to apply). Adopting parents should be at least 25 years old and there are no upper age limits. Approximately 2 weeks of travel required. I have not seen any restrictions on family size. A medical form is required, but I’m not sure if an HIV test is required for adopting parents.

In US contact AfAA for costs, timelines, eligibility and current waiting children. In Canada contact Sunrise Adoption Services, in the Netherlands, contact  Stichting Kind en Toekomost: and in Sweden contact Adoption Centrum:

As of July 24, 2010, AfAA was advocating for a 20 month old boy who is HIV+ and waiting for a family.

Further Research:

Lesotho on Wikipedia

28 Stories of AIDS in Africa

YouTube: Lesotho AIDS Orphans

YouTube: Lesotho HIV Orphanage


International Adoption from ESTONIA

International Adoption from Estonia

Estonia is a small country in Eastern Europe on the Baltic Sea, bordered by Russia and Latvia. So far, only a few children with HIV have been adopted from this country. According to and Rainbow Kids:

Age Requirements: Potential adoptive parents must be at least 25 years old. There are no stated upper age limits.

Marriage Requirements: Single men and single women can adopt. There is no length of marriage requirement for married couples.

The Children: Unrelated children may be adopted at the same time. Children are very well taken care of at the orphanages with good nutrition, stimulating toys and high caregiver to child ratio.

Travel Requirements: One 3-4 day preview trip is recommended and sometimes required. Only one parent needs to travel. Trip length is 7-10 business days.

Timeline: The process from dossier submission to travel to adopt the child averages 4-12 months.

Agency: The agency which has placed children with HIV is Adoption Hope International.

The Yahoo group is AdoptingFromEstonia

Further info from a recent adoptive parent: “Adopting a child with HIV from Estonia was affordable and the travel was easy. The airport is clean and modern and many people speak English. Estonia has one of the highest levels of college graduates in the European Union. The transportation is great and it’s easy to take the bus although taxis are cheap. The preview trip is rarely waived, but it’s only 3-4 days. As soon as court is over, you pick up your child from the orphanage. Our experience with the facilitator in-country was excellent in every way and he helped make our time in Estonia very efficient, comfortable and affordable. He even lent us a phone without charging us. We were very impressed with the level of care the children receive. Our child was in a family type setting with 8 children and 2 caregivers. They also receive good medical care. They are fed well and provided for and they go on field trips and do athletics.”

International Adoption from RUSSIA

There are many HIV positive children of all ages, including babies under 2, who are waiting to be adopted in Russia.

Currently, families residing in the United States and Canada cannot cadopt these children, although families residing in other countries CAN.

[Previously, some American agencies experienced with HIV adoption included Hand in Hand, Global, Children’s Home Society & Family Services and HAPS. The two agencies which specifically state ‘single men’ are Adoption Center of Washington and Cradle of Hope.] If you are outside the United States, you could try REEAA, Irina O’Rear and others. Canadians can try

There are adoption photolistings on this site. See also Reece’s Rainbow, Project Hopeful, and Rainbow Kids (login 1st before clicking the link and keep in mind the region may be called ‘Eastern Europe’ or ‘Unspecified’).

For support groups and further information about Russian adoption, here is the link to the Russian Adoption Yahoo group and In the United Kingdom, see the RussianUKAdoption Yahoo group.

Requirements according to Adoption.State.GovFRUA, Creating a Family and Reece’s Rainbow:

Age Requirements: Applicants must not be more than 60 years older than a special needs adopted child (varies by region). There should be at least 16 years age difference between the child and parent if the adopting parent is single.

Marriage Requirements: Single men may adopt from certain regions. Single women are also accepted, as are married couples. Prior divorce is acceptable and there are no restrictions on the number of children already living in the home (varies by region).

Other Requirements: Medical requirements: some disqualifying parent conditions include tuberculosis (active and chronic), illness of the internal organs and nervous system, dysfunction of the limbs, infectious diseases, drug and alcohol addictions, psychiatric disorders, and any disability preventing the person from working.

Travel: Three trips in most regions. 1st trip, one or both parents travel for 5-10 days to meet the child and accept the referral. Wait 2-3 months for a court date. Both parents travel for 2nd trip for court; about 5 business days. There is a 30 day wait after court before you can return to Russia to pick up your child – only one parent must travel on Trip 3 which varies in length from 5-15 days.

The Children: Aged 14 months – 16 years.  Multiple unrelated children can be adopted at the same time (varies by region).

Timeframe: This program generally takes 12 months for a waiting child (including the time spent on homestudy), depending on how quickly you complete your dossier.

International Adoption from HAITI

International adoption from Haiti

According to Rainbow Kids and Chances By Choice:

Requirements are flexible for adopting HIV exposed children, so inquire even if you do not meet the stated criteria. Single parents are allowed to adopt from Haiti. Couples should show proof of marriage or proof of cohabitation for 10 years. One parent should be between the ages of 35-55. In the past, only 2 children in the home were allowed, although this orphanage is allowing up to 5 children in the home for married couples (not singles).

Travel is required. First trip is 5 days. Second trip to get the child’s visa at the American embassy and bring the child home. Traveling to Haiti from North America is relatively easy.

Timeline: Chances by Choice states 10-14 months from the time the dossier is submitted. Rainbow Kids states 2-3 years total from start to finish.

Bethany Christian Services has also had photolistings of waiting children with HIV.

Children of the Promise

God’s Littlest Angels and blog

Maison Arc en Ciel

Haitian Angels Yahoo Group.

International Adoption from THE CONGO

International Adoption from the Congo

Adopting from Democratic Republic of the Congo (Congo or DRC)

At least one HIV positive child from DRC has found an adoptive family so far, and hopefully more will soon.

This family adopted a (HIV negative) toddler boy from DRC and their process only took 7 months. One agency mentions the timeline as 4-10 months after the homestudy is complete, at which time travel can commence.

According to Rainbow Kids children are available from infancy to early teens. Unrelated children may be adopted at the same time.

According to Rainbow Kids and, there is no age limit for parents although one agency specifies DRC law as 25-55. Single men, single women and married couples may apply although married couples need to be married 5 years. The number of children in the home seems to vary. Apparently DRC prefers not more than 2 children currently in the home, although exceptions can be made for special needs adoptions. According to Compassionate Hearts, you can have up to 3 children in the home. A recent adoptive family says that it no longer matters how many children are living in the home, so inquire with a reputable agency for current information.

There is no medical ineligibility for adoptive parents, which may mean that HIV positive parents can adopt from the Congo. A medical report from a licensed physician is required stating that the adopting parents are in good health and mentally capable of taking care of themselves and their child(ren).

The agency Compassionate Hearts is currently processing an HIV adoption.  Here is a list of attorneys for those who would rather adopt independently with a lawyer. Two other agencies which work in DRC which may or may not place HIV+ children include MLJ Adoptions and Wasatch International Adoptions.

Travel is approximately 4 weeks or longer.

More information can be found on the Congo Adopt Yahoo Group.

International Adoption Program: UGANDA

International adoption from Uganda

HIV positive children are starting to be adopted from Uganda.

According to Rainbow Kids and

Applicants must be at least 25 years old and 21 years older than the child they plan to adopt. In the case of a married couple, it is sufficient for one spouse to meet these requirements. Singles are allowed to adopt a child of the same gender unless an exception is made.

One parent I spoke with completed the entire adoption in 8 months and another in just 6 months. Costs in the $12,000 range (2010 independent). Here is another cost breakdown. This family also discusses the process and fees.

Travel time 4-6 weeks to complete the adoption in Uganda. There is a 3 year residency requirement which is often waived for special medical needs.

There are links in the right column of this page in the section titled ‘HIV Orphanages’ which may lead you to an HIV+ child in Uganda. You can do an independent adoption with a lawyer for a child you have identified. You can also ask around on the groups mentioned below to possibly find a positive child. One family on the Yahoo HIV Adoption group said that using a lawyer in Fort Portal and using the court system in that city is fast and inexpensive.

For agency adoptions, try Adoption Advocates International, Holt International, Agape Adoptions or Lifeline Children’s Services.

See also the Uganda Adoptions Yahoo Group, Uganda Adoption Yahoo Group and Ugandan Adoption Facebook Group, Ugandan Independent Adoption Facebook Group.

Recent adoption story 1

Recent adoption story 2

Recent adoption story 3

International Adoption Program: JAMAICA

There is an HIV orphanage in Jamaica called Dare to Care which has 3 homes in Kingston and Spanish Town. Here is some further info in the Jamaica Online Star, The Gleaner, contact info, and a Google search will provide many more links.  There are probably other HIV+ children in other orphanages. I have “heard” that the CDA in Jamaica can match you with a child according to the age/gender/special needs you request but that process takes much longer than if you identify a child in advance. The process in Jamaica seems challenging. Plan on following up constantly to keep your paperwork moving along, and it may help to visit during the process to keep things moving. Try to establish a connection/relationship with someone at the CDA so your paperwork doesn’t stay at the bottom of the pile.

Less than 100 Jamaican children per year find adoptive families in America.

Children are available for adoption as young as 6 weeks.

Most Jamaican adoptions are done independently, without an agency. The adoption authority in Jamaica is the CDA.

Requirements according to Adoption.State.Gov, and Rainbow Kids.

Age Requirements: At least 25 years old and no upper age limit.

Marriage Requirements: Single persons are allowed to adopt. Couples must be married at least 1 year.

Other Requirements: No restrictions on family size.

After a referral is accepted, the adoption process in Jamaica takes about 3 months. You then travel to Jamaica and stay 5-7 days in Kingston to get your child’s visa from the US Embassy, then travel home with your child. Citizens of the US receive guardianship and complete the adoption at the county court where they reside (your home-study agency will assist you).

For more information, join the Jamaica Adoption Yahoo Group