Int’l Adoption Program: CHINA

HIV adoption from China

China is by no means new to international adoption; Americans adopted more children from China last year than from any other country. This is a stable, well established program. For a long time, children with HIV were not listed for international adoption (not due to any shortage of HIV+ orphans), but now that China is mostly a special needs program, there are some HIV+ children starting to be listed.

Try contacting Adoption Advocates International (very experienced with HIV adoption) and Chinese Children Adoption International.

According to and Rainbow Kids:

Parent ages 30-55.

Child ages 10 months – 13 years.

Married couples married at least 2 years. Previously divorced couples must be married at least 5 years. No more than 2 divorces. Total value of family assets $80K. Family income equals at least $10K per family member. Both parents should have high school equivalent degree.

Single women are now being accepted for children with special needs such as HIV. They must not have more than 2 children already living in the home, with the youngest child being 6 or older. They can adopt one child at a time with one year interval between adoptions. Parent age 30-50 or for parents over 50, no more than 45 years between the age of the child and parent. Total value of asset $100K. Income equals at least $10K per family member.

See above links for health requirements and criminal history of adopting parents.

Timeline is about 8-12 months for HIV+ children. After receiving a referral, it takes about 4-8 weeks to get travel approval. Travel time in China is up to 2 weeks. Only one parent must travel.

Always consult with the agency as they may have slightly different information that the outline above.