3 Young Siblings in Eastern Europe

Children’s House International is advocating for 3 adorable siblings in Eastern Europe. Married couples only may adopt from this country and one parent must be under 46.

The youngest child is a 2 year old boy. His date of birth is August 10, 2007. He is a darling little boy with dimples and blonde hair. His mother is an HIV carrier but he has tested negative. He has been hospitalized for hipogammaglobulinemia in the past. He is developmentally on track and has excellent motor development. He is said to have established very good emotional contact and he loves cuddling with his foster parents.  They describe him as “obedient, nice and smart”.  He lives in a foster home with his 2 biological sisters.

The middle child is a 4 year old girl. Her date of birth is September 18, 2005. She is a beautiful little girl with curly blond hair and brown eyes. She has tested positive for HIV and is undergoing antiretroviral treatment. She attends kindergarten with her siblings. She is cognitively on track, but is a bit small for her age. Her favorite activities at school are singing and reciting rhymes. She is described as “independent, protective towards her brother, smart, well behaved, helpful to others and winning.”

The oldest sibling is a 6 year old girl born April 9, 2004. She is a beautiful and vibrant kindergartner. She is HIV negative. Her cognitive and motor development are on track for her age. She is described as “mature, independent, smart, well behaved, protective of her siblings, helpful, good and beautiful.” The children are all together in a foster home, waiting for a permanent family.

The children are gorgeous! I wish I could publish their photographs, but the agency is very quick to get profiles and pictures to people who inquire. Contact Children’s House International.