International Adoption from GHANA

Special needs adoption from Ghana

Adoption Advocates International (AAI) has placed HIV positive children from Ghana. Anita is the Ghana coordinator for AAI and her daughter has recently come home. She can be reached at: She may be able to provide you with adoption photolistings and costs involved.

Independent adoptions are also possible. You can contact the Beacon House orphanage:, as this orphanage has HIV+ children in need of adoptive families. The fees for an independent adoption with Beacon House range from $6700-$7800 (as of 2010 –  includes orphanage donation, attorney’s fees, visa medical) plus the costs of homestudy, USCIS, documents, travel and accommodation.

Requirements according to Adoption.State.Gov and Rainbow Kids:

Age Requirements: Applicants must be at least 25 years of age and at least 21 years older than the child. Couples over 50 cannot adopt from Ghana.

Marriage Requirements: Married couples preferred although single women are welcome to adopt HIV+ children. Previous divorce is allowed.

Other Requirements: Applicants must be of sound mind and must undergo a medical exam as part of the pre-approval process. Parents with health issues and disabilities may adopt as long as your doctor will support your decision to adopt. AAI is reporting that larger families can adopt children with HIV. Parents with more than 6 children may apply on a case by case basis for special permission from Social Welfare.

Travel: There are several travel options with this program. Families may either make two trips 4-6 weeks apart, one short trip with escort, or one longer (2-3 week) trip. Full escort is also available.

Timeline: The process generally takes about 7-12 months from the time a child is identified (for Americans adopting).

*Update – as of May 2013, the Ghana program closed temporarily. Check for current information*