Orphaned Babies in Eastern Europe

Baby Adoption Situation

I tried to fix the red-eye in this image but it didn’t work very well – the baby’s eyes are normal.

Ukrainian Adoption Photolistings


Adopt Caucasian Baby

This boy “V” above will be registered for international adoption in June 2011. I think he is positive but will need to confirm.

Babies in Need of Adoptive FamiliesBabies with HIV need Families Russian and Ukrainian Baby AdoptionInternational Baby Adoption Situation

This is the same baby girl above and below. I think she is positive.

Baby Girl Adoption Opportunity

These babies are all in the same HIV/AIDS orphanage  with the 1-2 year olds and the 3-4 year olds. Multiple unrelated children can be adopted from this orphanage. The babies in this orphanage are not released for international adoption until they are 18 months old. The children above were all born to HIV-positive birthmothers, although not all of the children are living with HIV. I can inquire about specific children as this orphanage does have PCR test. These babies are not yet registered for international adoption although it may be possible to start your adoption paperwork before the child is registered so you are ready to travel when he/she becomes available. The HIV-negative babies will be adopted by local families. If you start your paperwork in advance, you may be able to adopt one of the HIV-positive babies close to the 18 month age. The first 8 pictures were taken in October 2010.  Only married couples can adopt from this country and one of the parents must be within 45 years of the age of the child. I am happy to answer any questions I can about the general adoption process from this country.