Toddlers Waiting for Adoptive Families

These children are at the same HIV/AIDS orphanage is this previous post. Multiple children from the same orphanage can be adopted simultaneously and the additional fees involved to adopt a second child are nominal. Only married couples may adopt from this country.

*I don’t know her date of birth but she is 3 years old and I have heard that SHE IS NOW REGISTERED for international adoption. She is a sociable and friendly girl.

Boy. I don’t know his date of birth or if he is registered for international adoption. If you are interested in this little guy, please be in touch and I will inquire. He is not as active as some of the other kids. He really opens up with one-on-one attention. When I visited in March 2010, he was the youngest in his group and not walking yet. He is a very sweet little boy.

Boys and Girls International Adoption

Boy. Date of Birth April 2008. I think this little guy will do well in a family. He seems to handle transitions and he has a go-with-the-flow type of personality. I have videos of him. He seems happy and content. He is also affectionate.