Grant for HIV+ Ethiopian Children Over 2


This program is open to single applicants and married couples. There are countless numbers of children age 2 and older in Ethiopia who are waiting for homes. World Association for Children and Parents (WACAP) has assigned children age 2 and older that are HIV+ with adoption grants of $6,000 for eligible families. Their photos are not available on the website. If the average of your income (less $3,700 for each child already in your home) from the past two years is less than $125,000, you may be eligible for one of these Promise Child grants. For more information on Ethiopia’s waiting children, e-mail or call 1-800-732-1887. Singles may apply for children age 2 and older with HIV. To visit the web site, go to

International Adoption from THE CONGO

International Adoption from the Congo

Adopting from Democratic Republic of the Congo (Congo or DRC)

At least one HIV positive child from DRC has found an adoptive family so far, and hopefully more will soon.

This family adopted a (HIV negative) toddler boy from DRC and their process only took 7 months. One agency mentions the timeline as 4-10 months after the homestudy is complete, at which time travel can commence.

According to Rainbow Kids children are available from infancy to early teens. Unrelated children may be adopted at the same time.

According to Rainbow Kids and, there is no age limit for parents although one agency specifies DRC law as 25-55. Single men, single women and married couples may apply although married couples need to be married 5 years. The number of children in the home seems to vary. Apparently DRC prefers not more than 2 children currently in the home, although exceptions can be made for special needs adoptions. According to Compassionate Hearts, you can have up to 3 children in the home. A recent adoptive family says that it no longer matters how many children are living in the home, so inquire with a reputable agency for current information.

There is no medical ineligibility for adoptive parents, which may mean that HIV positive parents can adopt from the Congo. A medical report from a licensed physician is required stating that the adopting parents are in good health and mentally capable of taking care of themselves and their child(ren).

The agency Compassionate Hearts is currently processing an HIV adoption.  Here is a list of attorneys for those who would rather adopt independently with a lawyer. Two other agencies which work in DRC which may or may not place HIV+ children include MLJ Adoptions and Wasatch International Adoptions.

Travel is approximately 4 weeks or longer.

More information can be found on the Congo Adopt Yahoo Group.

International Adoption Program: UGANDA

International adoption from Uganda

HIV positive children are starting to be adopted from Uganda.

According to Rainbow Kids and

Applicants must be at least 25 years old and 21 years older than the child they plan to adopt. In the case of a married couple, it is sufficient for one spouse to meet these requirements. Singles are allowed to adopt a child of the same gender unless an exception is made.

One parent I spoke with completed the entire adoption in 8 months and another in just 6 months. Costs in the $12,000 range (2010 independent). Here is another cost breakdown. This family also discusses the process and fees.

Travel time 4-6 weeks to complete the adoption in Uganda. There is a 3 year residency requirement which is often waived for special medical needs.

There are links in the right column of this page in the section titled ‘HIV Orphanages’ which may lead you to an HIV+ child in Uganda. You can do an independent adoption with a lawyer for a child you have identified. You can also ask around on the groups mentioned below to possibly find a positive child. One family on the Yahoo HIV Adoption group said that using a lawyer in Fort Portal and using the court system in that city is fast and inexpensive.

For agency adoptions, try Adoption Advocates International, Holt International, Agape Adoptions or Lifeline Children’s Services.

See also the Uganda Adoptions Yahoo Group, Uganda Adoption Yahoo Group and Ugandan Adoption Facebook Group, Ugandan Independent Adoption Facebook Group.

Recent adoption story 1

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Toddlers in Africa – International Adoption

Children’s Home Society and Family Services is looking for families for 2 toddler boys in Africa. These are 2 separate photolistings, the boys are unrelated and can be adopted separately.

Africa – 3 year old boy

This bright boy is 3 years old. He is an easy going child. He gets along well with other children. He is a child with HIV and waiting for a loving family to bring him home! Contact

Africa – 4 year old boy

This lovely little boy is 4 years old and born in 2005. He is described as a happy child. He has HIV and he is waiting for his own family. Please contact for more information.

8 Year Old Boy Waiting in Ethiopia

WACAP has a waiting child photolistings for an 8 year old boy. He is SO cute! There is a substantial adoption fee reduction. Contact Lynne Mason.

Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 03/01/2001
Continent: Africa

This little one loves to have fun and play!

He is tiny and has many friends.

He has an immune system disorder which does not slow him down and he takes regular medications.

He is in grade 1

His mother died and his father recently passed away.

He is very sociable and would love to be part of a family.

There is a $6000 Promise Child Grant for eligible registered families.