2 Waiting Children in Asia

WACAP has waiting child photolistings for 2 children in Asia. Their adoption fees are reduced considerably. Contact Lynne Mason LynneM (at) wacap (dot) org.

Boy – Asia

Born February 2004

• Expresses himself well

• Is regarded as being polite and quiet

• Born with an immune system disorder for which he receives comprehensive treatment

• Plays well with others and is very talkative, engaging friends and strangers alike.

Adoption assisted with a grant of $7000.


Girl – Asia

Born June 2003

• Has been successfully treated for tuberculosis

• Receives comprehensive treatment for a congenital immune system disorder

• Plays well with her friends and has excellent self-care skills

• Health problems occasionally prohibit her from attending school outside of her institution

Adoption assisted with a grant of $7000.