Help Save an Angel with HIV

This is Olivia, one of the precious little ones I met at an AIDS Orphanage in the spring. She is darling! She is affectionate and loving and talkative and sweet as can be. And she has a family coming for her! I’m so excited that Olivia will know the love of a family and have access to excellent medical care. Her parents have been diligently raising funds and compiling the adoption paperwork and they have just reached a major milestone – submitting the final dossier to Olivia’s country. From their blog:

This sweet little 3 year old is Olivia.  She currently lives in an Eastern Europe orphanage for children who are diagnosed with HIV.  Olivia does not have a future in her native country due to her orphan status and her diagnosis.  At the age of 4 she will be sent off to a “boarding school.”  When she ages out at the age of 16, she will be kicked out and left to fend for herself on the streets. Sadly, many emancipated orphans end up sleeping in the sewers.  She will be jobless and homeless as her HIV and Orphan status will follow her forever.  She has no family to take care of her and no means to pay for the very expensive medications that will keep her alive and healthy.

We are very blessed in our country to have wonderful medical care and medications.  HIV is not a death sentence.  It can easily be managed here in the US.  Olivia can live to old age and have grand children some day.  There is no risk to other children around her at school, sports, or at home.  She can share a cupcake with her brother and he can kiss her when she is feeling sad.  Please look at her picture, can you see her on the streets?  Or can you picture her in a loving family with critters to chase and acres of woods to explore?  She will enrich the lives of those around her and she will help us squash the stigma that HIV still carries to this day.

Our family decided to adopt after we suffered our last pregnancy loss.  We were drawn to the children on Reece’s Rainbow and in particular, the children with HIV.  We fell in love with little Olivia and committed to adopt her.  We have $7k left to raise friends, and we need to ask for help.  Feel free to post our blog link anywhere, or copy and paste our CHIP IN button and put it on your blog.  You can even make a tax deductible donation thru Reece’s Rainbow (

If 200 people donated $35 each, we will have reached our goal.  Please help spread the word. If you can donate at least $20, you will receive a key chain.  If you can donate $35 or more you will receive a tote bag (pictured left).  Thank you for helping to save an angel with HIV!