Christmas Gifts for HIV+ Orphans

Life2Orphans “Wishing On An Angel” Christmas project has many boxes filled with wonderful Christmas gifts for orphans in Ukraine. They are in need of people who can pay $30-$45 to ship each box overseas. The gifts have been generously donated and the boxes are already packed and waiting at Life2Orphans in Portland to be shipped to Ukraine. You can choose which box you would like to send. There are HIV positive orphans at several orphanages in Ukraine, so if you know which orphanage you would like to send it to, just choose that orphanage from the drop-down menu. Otherwise,  you can choose “M__ AIDS Orphanage” to be sure that HIV+ orphans will receive gifts. Here are the links:

Step 1: Boxes Available (choose one in the 0-4 year age range or for the caretakers and write down the box #).

Step 2: Fill out the form (so they know who is paying for the shipment and where to ship the specified box). Don’t mind the error message.

Step 3: Mail a check or pay via Paypal for shipping costs. I clicked on this link then clicked ‘Donate Online’ (lower left).

The organization is trying to get all of the boxes shipped by October 13th so they will make it to Ukraine in time for Christmas.