Antiretroviral Therapy Significantly Cuts Risk of HIV Transmission

A while back I had posted about this BBC report which stated that antiretroviral therapy (ARV/ART) medications make HIV positive people become “close to non-infectious”. It also stated that “early detection and treatment would prevent transmission”. This new article Study Confirms That Antiretroviral Therapy Significantly Cuts Risk of HIV Transmission states that HIV positive individuals who used antiretroviral therapy reduced the risk of transmitting HIV to their uninfected partners by 92 percent. I find these studies interesting because it is increasingly clear that medicated individuals  are hardly a risk to people they are engaging in risky behaviors with. Therefore, they are absolutely not a risk to people with whom they are not having sex with, nor sharing needles with. The point is that the people who are spreading HIV are people who do not know they have it (and are therefore not taking medication) and people who unfortunately do not have access to the medication (in resource poor settings).