Sisters Waiting in Haiti

Bethany Christian Services adoption agency is advocating to find a family for two sisters in Haiti.

The older girl was born in Haiti on June 15, 1999. She has been in English school for two years and is doing well. She is described as an average student with a pleasant personality. She is a follower, not a leader, and she struggles with her studies.

The younger sister was born on December 23, 1997, and has also been in English school for two years. She is bright and helpful and loves to be part of any project. She is friendly but keeps her emotions close to her heart. She is HIV-positive, and her health is closely monitored. There is no need for HIV medications at this time.

These sisters want to be adopted together. Adoptive parents will need to make two trips to Haiti: one for two to three days and one for three to five days. Bethany’s fees for the Home Study, administrative work, and post-placement services vary from state to state. The Haiti fee for adopting two children is $20,000. There is a grant available from Brittany’s Hope for $7,500 to offset the costs of adoption. Applicants may also be eligible for a grant from Bethany’s Caring Connection Fund.

I can email you the current newsletter which contains pictures and names, or you can contact Bethany about adopting the girls.