Young Siblings – Adorable Brother and Sister

‘Drew’ was born June 2008 and ‘Lila’ was born April 2007. They are biological siblings in need of an adoptive family.

These two cuties are very interesting, lively, charming, smiling. They are very attached to each other. The brother is described as having a ‘relaxed’ nature. The sister is described as having a ‘calm’ nature. It is unclear at this time if one or both of the children is living with HIV. Additional photos are available.

Waiting Child Photolistings – Boys & Girls Need Families

Brian is 10 years old
Olivia is 13 years old
Victor is 12 years old
Tyler is 11 years old

Married couples only

No age requirements

No limit to amount of children already in the home

Timeline: 4-8 months from start of homestudy to travel

Travel: Only one parent needs to travel. One long trip lasting 30-35 days or it can be broken up into two shorter trips, each lasting 10-12 days.

Costs vary be region. This is a special needs adoption, so reduced agency fee and foreign fee. The agency can help you apply for grants and receive donations toward the adoption fund.

Please contact Victoria Tucker  at Good Hope Adoption Services:

*This post has been updated. ‘Violet’ and ‘Alice’ now have committed adoptive families

10 Children with HIV Need Parents

RainbowKids newsletter dated February 7, 2012 is reporting about 10 children with HIV in need of adoptive parents. All of the children are listed with the very reputable agency CHSFS. Contact about these little ones:

  • Girl in Eastern Europe born 10/2007
  • Boy in Eastern Europe born 7/2009
  • Boy in Eastern Europe born 7/2008
  • Boy in Asia born 3/2004
  • Boy in Latin America born 11/2008
  • Girl in Latin America born 11/2004
  • Boy in Latin America born 6/2009
  • Boy in Latin America born 10/2003
  • Boy in Latin America born 5/2003
  • Boy in Africa born 3/2007

Pretty and Smart Girl Needs a Family ~ Waiting Child Photolisting

“Hope”  was born in November 2005. She has dark eyes and she is an amazing little girl. She gets along well with other children. She is very smart. When an adult explains something to her, she listens carefully and makes her findings. When she is interested in something, she asks questions. She is inquisitive, curious and communicative. She is also described as being charming and affectionate. This child really needs a loving family. It is believed that whatever developmental delays she may have from institutional life can be overcome. She is a cheerful girl and she likes helping take care of the younger children. She is a truly beautiful girl.  She was transferred to the older child orphanage toward the end of 2008. She is so gentle and waits patiently for someone to show her attention or affection. She has a confirmed HIV-positive diagnosis. The chances of a child this age with HIV being adopted by a local family in this particular region are almost zero. The most recent photos were taken in summer 2009.

Adoption Photolistings including Older Children

Wow! Look at those stunning blue eyes. Jack is a good boy. He was born in 2001. He would like to be adopted. He is HIV-positive and doing well physically and developmentally. Married couples may inquire.
Don’t mind the pink shirt, Brance is a boy! He is 5 years old and was born testing positive for HIV and HepC. Married couples who can travel can inquire.
Autumn is a very pretty girl who is active, sweet and sociable. She is healthy and participates in life fully and is developing normally. She was born with HIV and receives the appropriate medications. Married couples ages 25-64 years with health insurance may apply to adopt her.
Hadley is a reserved and sweet young lady. She is a healthy normal 9 year old girl with long silky blond hair and light hazel eyes. She is tall for her age. She is developing normally and is at a location with excellent care. She is noted as being VERY patient, reserved, considerate and kind, great kid. She might have a brother, this can be verified upon inquiry. She was born HIV positive. Married couples who can travel should inquire.
Cole is a cute little stinker! He is all boy Little Cole has dirty blond hair and huge brown eyes. He is ready to hit school, run around the house in Buzz Lightyear pajamas and race hot wheels. This healthy chunky little boy has no developmental delays. He is HIV positive. He is doing well and he is a healthy, active little boy. He can be adopted quickly by a married couple with one parent age 51 or younger.
Val is a 12 year old boy with HIV and normal development. Married couples with one parent within 45 years of the age of this child may apply.
Collin is a 12 year old boy with HIV. He is developing normally. Adoptive parents should be no more than 45 years older than Collin.
Paige has such soulful eyes and stunning blond hair. She was born in 1997 and longs for a family. She was born HIV positive but is doing very well physically. She would like to be adopted into a happy family! Married couples may inquire.
Isaac is a lively young man born in 1997. He has a pigeon chest, is HIV positive and there is a note in his medical records about his tonsils-possibly they need to be removed. He is active, friendly and does well in school. His physical issues do not cause him any problems. He would like to be adopted, married couples may inquire.
Eden is a precious young girl waiting to be adopted. Despite being born with both HIV and Hep C, she is doing rather well. She is doing well physically at this time but would love a family to do all those girl things! Married couples may inquire.
Charlotte has blond hair and brown eyes and she was born in 1997. She longs to be adopted. This sweet little teen girl was born HIV positive and has a mild astigmatism, but is generally physically healthy. Married couples may inquire.

These children were on the photolisting website .  Email me if you need contact info. 

Eastern Europe Waiting Child – Boy

This little boy is 4 years old (August 2006). He is living with HIV. He also has CP but he walks and runs. He is happy, outgoing and always has a smile on his face. He was transferred to the older child internat in August 2011. A recent adoptive family that met him says he is a “total sweetheart”. He is loved by the caregivers and he is always, always smiling.  Additional photos available.

The baby house provides very good medical care and the children have access to ARVs. It is an easy adoption-friendly region. The children are able to play outside. Nutrition is basic although the children get fresh fruit for a snack. The children appear to be healthy and the nannies are caring.