RainbowKids.com – Waiting Child Photolistings

RainbowKids.com has been featuring more children with HIV lately than ever before. There are 2 ways to search their photolistings for children with HIV in need of adoptive parents. You can log in here  then click on this link  or you can login then go to the child search page and leave all fields blank, except the Special Need box (scroll down and check the box for ‘HIV’).  There are currently 34 photolistings, although I know several of these children have families in progress to adopt them.

As of May 2011, current waiting children include:

Boys & Girls in Eastern Europe born between 2002 – 2009

One Boy & Several Girls in Latin America born 2002-2009

Boys & Girls in Africa born between 1998-2005

Boy & Girl in Caribbean Islands both born in 2001

Sponsor Needed for 2 Year Old Boy in Uganda

This little boy and his family can be sponsored through Awaka Children’s Foundation

This is Edward Segawa. He is 2 years old. His father has abandoned the family. His mother is HIV+ and Edward is positive as well. Your sponsorship would mean that Edward and his mother could receive ARVs and the other medical treatment they need to survive. It would also provide them with better food to speed their recovery. It is clear from his distended belly and light hair that Edward is suffering from malnutrition. Sponsors are crucial for families such as this to avoid this little boy from becoming orphaned.

3 year old Girl & 2 year old Boy

Children’s Home Society & Family Services is looking for families for 2 unrelated Caucasian children. Log in to Rainbow Kids before clicking the links below to see the listings then contact the agency directly for photos.


Girl. Date of birth October 2007. This little pixie has bright eyes and short brown hair. She is a child with HIV waiting for a loving and supportive home. Single women and married couples may adopt her. Applicants should be between the ages of 25-55 with no serious health concerns and no mental health issues. Very minimal criminal history. No restriction on the number of children in the home.


Boy. Date of birth November 30, 2008. This little peanut has huge brown eyes with long eyelashes. He’s a child with HIV waiting for a loving and supportive home. He needs a family very soon. Single women and married couples can adopt. Applicants should be between 25-55 with no serious health concerns and no mental health issues. Very minimal criminal history. No restriction on the number of children in the home.

Waiting Children in Colombia

Waiting child photolisting ColumbiaRainbowKids.com is reporting about a wonderful group of children in Colombia who have been diagnosed as HIV-positive and are waiting for families. These children may be adopted by single people or married couples. There is flexibility for the parent’s age and the number of children in the home. These are not siblings; these would be individual adoptions. For more information, families may contact Adopolis. Pictures and information are available upon request. These children can also be adopted through other agencies working in Colombia so keep in mind that there may be other families reviewing the same file. Basic info about adopting from Colombia here.   Dates of birth:

  • Boy, Born in 2003
  • Girl, October 12, 2002
  • Girl, November 24, 2001

Girls in India – International Adoption

I-A-F 118

This happy, active four- year-old girl was born December 29, 2005 and she has tested positive for HIV. Despite her diagnosis this beautiful little girl is healthy and progressing on target in all areas.  The orphanage social worker states that she is “friendly in nature” and always has a smile on her face. She is described as a sweet loving child. This lovely child would thrive in the care of one of our confident and accepting families, and benefit greatly from the specialized treatment and resources available in the US.


A nine-year-old girl who is a friendly and social child and shares a good rapport with other children and caregivers, she has tested positive for HIV.  She is described by the social worker as a confident, active child who is physical and mental development is considered average. We believe that this otherwise normal, very healthy and beautiful child would thrive in the care of a confident and accepting family, and benefit greatly from the specialized treatment resources available here in the US.

Int’l Adoption Country Program: MOLDOVA

Moldova adoption special needs HIV

Children with HIV are currently registered for international adoption in Moldova according to Carolina Adoption Services. Waiting child profiles can be seen on RainbowKids.com. According to the agency, parents’ age should be between 25-50. Married couples and single women are eligible with this agency (I need to do more research to find out if the Moldovan government allows single men). Two trips are required of 7-10 days each. Moldova is a small country in Eastern Europe between Ukraine and Romania. Other agencies working in the country include Beacon House, Adoption Avenues, Life Adoption Services, Children’s House International, and Children of All Nations. See also the  Moldova Adoption Yahoo Group.

International Adoption from HAITI

International adoption from Haiti

According to Rainbow Kids and Chances By Choice:

Requirements are flexible for adopting HIV exposed children, so inquire even if you do not meet the stated criteria. Single parents are allowed to adopt from Haiti. Couples should show proof of marriage or proof of cohabitation for 10 years. One parent should be between the ages of 35-55. In the past, only 2 children in the home were allowed, although this orphanage is allowing up to 5 children in the home for married couples (not singles).

Travel is required. First trip is 5 days. Second trip to get the child’s visa at the American embassy and bring the child home. Traveling to Haiti from North America is relatively easy.

Timeline: Chances by Choice states 10-14 months from the time the dossier is submitted. Rainbow Kids states 2-3 years total from start to finish.

Bethany Christian Services has also had photolistings of waiting children with HIV.

Children of the Promise

God’s Littlest Angels and blog

Maison Arc en Ciel

Haitian Angels Yahoo Group.

3 Young Siblings in Eastern Europe

Children’s House International is advocating for 3 adorable siblings in Eastern Europe. Married couples only may adopt from this country and one parent must be under 46.

The youngest child is a 2 year old boy. His date of birth is August 10, 2007. He is a darling little boy with dimples and blonde hair. His mother is an HIV carrier but he has tested negative. He has been hospitalized for hipogammaglobulinemia in the past. He is developmentally on track and has excellent motor development. He is said to have established very good emotional contact and he loves cuddling with his foster parents.  They describe him as “obedient, nice and smart”.  He lives in a foster home with his 2 biological sisters.

The middle child is a 4 year old girl. Her date of birth is September 18, 2005. She is a beautiful little girl with curly blond hair and brown eyes. She has tested positive for HIV and is undergoing antiretroviral treatment. She attends kindergarten with her siblings. She is cognitively on track, but is a bit small for her age. Her favorite activities at school are singing and reciting rhymes. She is described as “independent, protective towards her brother, smart, well behaved, helpful to others and winning.”

The oldest sibling is a 6 year old girl born April 9, 2004. She is a beautiful and vibrant kindergartner. She is HIV negative. Her cognitive and motor development are on track for her age. She is described as “mature, independent, smart, well behaved, protective of her siblings, helpful, good and beautiful.” The children are all together in a foster home, waiting for a permanent family.

The children are gorgeous! I wish I could publish their photographs, but the agency is very quick to get profiles and pictures to people who inquire. Contact Children’s House International.

UN seeks to eliminate mother-to-child-transmission in Africa

Could this be the last generation of AIDS orphans? From the United Nations News Centre. A wonderful ambitious plan. Here is a short excerpt:

The United Nations is seeking to virtually eliminate mother-to-child transmission of HIV in sub-Saharan Africa, where 390,000 infants became infected with the virus that causes AIDS in 2008, through the use of antiretroviral drugs during and after delivery.

“AIDS has become the leading cause of death among infants and young children in much of sub-Saharan Africa,” Joint UN Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) Executive Director Michel Sidibé said…

Helping Orphans in Haiti after Earthquake

If you would like to help the orphans in Haiti, as they try to recover from the devastating 7.0-magnitude earthquake that struck near Port-Au-Prince yesterday, Bethany Christian Services has the following message:

We are thankful that all of the children and staff at both of our in-country partners, God’s Littlest Angels orphanage and The Creche Enfants Jesus, were not harmed.

Dixie Bickel, the director of God’s Littlest Angels,

Haiti Earthquake
posted an update on her blog early this morning, describing the earthquake’s effects at the orphanage: “…The building stayed standing and John cannot find any cracks in the walls which is pretty amazing!… The nannies came in at 10 PM but we had two strong after shocks about midnight and the nannies and babies are sleeping outside on the ground on blankets!”  Read more on her blog

Dixie explains what it was like to survive the earthquake during an interview on
The Today Show on NBC.

If you can financially help the children in Haiti, Bethany Christian Services has set up a fund for earthquake recovery in Haiti. We will work with our partners on the ground in Haiti to use your donations to help ensure that children in Haiti are cared for and kept safe.

It is Bethany’s mission to both help many Haitian children stay in their families and also to help orphaned children be placed for adoption with families in the United States.

Please visit www.bethany.org/donate to donate to the Haiti-Earthquake Recovery fund.

Donate to the Haiti-Earthquake Recovery fund

We also hope to develop a special service trip to Haiti to help with the recovery. If you have any interest in learning more about this opportunity, please e-mail us athaitiearthquake@bethany.org.