Waiting Children in Colombia

Waiting child photolisting ColumbiaRainbowKids.com is reporting about a wonderful group of children in Colombia who have been diagnosed as HIV-positive and are waiting for families. These children may be adopted by single people or married couples. There is flexibility for the parent’s age and the number of children in the home. These are not siblings; these would be individual adoptions. For more information, families may contact Adopolis. Pictures and information are available upon request. These children can also be adopted through other agencies working in Colombia so keep in mind that there may be other families reviewing the same file. Basic info about adopting from Colombia here.   Dates of birth:

  • Boy, Born in 2003
  • Girl, October 12, 2002
  • Girl, November 24, 2001

Girls in India – International Adoption

I-A-F 118

This happy, active four- year-old girl was born December 29, 2005 and she has tested positive for HIV. Despite her diagnosis this beautiful little girl is healthy and progressing on target in all areas.  The orphanage social worker states that she is “friendly in nature” and always has a smile on her face. She is described as a sweet loving child. This lovely child would thrive in the care of one of our confident and accepting families, and benefit greatly from the specialized treatment and resources available in the US.


A nine-year-old girl who is a friendly and social child and shares a good rapport with other children and caregivers, she has tested positive for HIV.  She is described by the social worker as a confident, active child who is physical and mental development is considered average. We believe that this otherwise normal, very healthy and beautiful child would thrive in the care of a confident and accepting family, and benefit greatly from the specialized treatment resources available here in the US.