Girl with HIV – Adoption Photolisting


Siri (2)

This child is in RU and cannot be adopted by American citizens at this time. ‘Siri’ was born July 2010. She does not have any siblings. Her description was written in August 2012: She is an affectionate, attentive and sociable girl. She loves to play with her favorite toys and she takes very good care of them making sure nothing gets broken, then she puts them away when she is done playing. She takes an active part in the games and activities at the baby house. She shows a keen interest and she likes to look at books, pictures and cartoons. She understands adult requests and can carry out simple instructions. There are four different colors, like chalk on a blackboard. She is beginning to speak and willingly repeats syllables for adults, telling tales, poems and songs. Her motor skills and well developed; she walks, runs, jumps and climbs. Her developments of movement are normal. She likes playing outdoor games and doing exercises using a drum. Her cultural and hygiene skills are well formed: she can partially dress and undress herself, uses a towel and the potty. She likes to get dressed up in dresses and wear pigtails and braids and when asked, she always chooses a bow. She eats selectively but gently, uses a napkin, gestures and says ‘thank you’. She sleeps peacefully. Her memory, attention and thinking is correct and she perseveres in the classroom.  Siri is living with HIV. If you are outside of US and would like updated photo or info, please use the contact form.

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