Waiting Child Photolistings – Boys & Girls Need Families

Brian is 10 years old

Olivia is 13 years old

Victor is 12 years old

Tyler is 11 years old

Married couples only

No age requirements

No limit to amount of children already in the home

Timeline: 4-8 months from start of homestudy to travel

Travel: Only one parent needs to travel. One long trip lasting 30-35 days or it can be broken up into two shorter trips, each lasting 10-12 days.

Costs vary be region. This is a special needs adoption, so reduced agency fee and foreign fee. The agency can help you apply for grants and receive donations toward the adoption fund.

Please contact Victoria Tucker  at Good Hope Adoption Services: vtuckergoodhope@gmail.com

*This post has been updated. ‘Violet’ and ‘Alice’ now have committed adoptive families

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