Urgent Plea for Little Girl w/ HIV & CP

It is believed this photo is of a little girl named Irina taken in 2006 when she was nearly 3 years old. We think she was born in December 2003.
An article from December 1, 2006 states: “Now urgent problem with one of our patients Irina who is nearly 3 years old. She is HIV-positive but she does not need special treatment; the virus can sleep in her body for many years (this may mean she is a slow-progressor). It was disturbing her underlying disease – cerebral palsy and she needs a qualified neurological treatment which we cannot provide in our hospital. The children with this pathology go to the orphanage for children with central nervous system damage and mental disturbances (“the mental institute”). We are working in this direction but it’s hard to say how long the girl will be in our center. Frankly, we are scared to send the child to people suffering from phobias about HIV. It is excusable for an uneducated man, but should never be in health care workers. A year ago, she held her head badly, could not sit there and just not realized was smiling, but now she crawls, stands, leans on the barrier and is beginning to talk. The children at the hospital are loved, they are neatly dressed and well-trimmed” (see younger picture).
The hospital she was in at the time of the article seems to be a decent place, but it looks like she has been transferred to the mental institute. It is our hope to find a special family very soon who can help her with HIV and CP, and also with any emotional help she may need.
According to the article, there are other children in this region with HIV who are also in need of adoptive parents. The other HIV+ child specifically mentioned in the article is a boy named Sergey who we believe to be younger than Irina, but born before December 1, 2006. There is also a boy born May 2008 in this region.
Please feel free to copy and paste this information in to any of your groups, social media, blogs, etc to help find a family for this little girl. This is her only chance.
*Update – new photo from Summer 2012.