Fundraiser for Your HIV Adoption

Here is an interesting fundraising option:

Angela and Jennifer are Usborne book consultants to help families fundraise toward their adoptions  (
Anyone can book a show as a fundraiser for an adoption.  Anyone.
So if you are the family, you can host the show.
If you know a family, you can host a show on their behalf!
If you are post-adoption but have medical expenses related to your adopted child’s diagnosis, you can fundraise toward those!
And if you don’t know a current family, your funds can be designated toward a medical needs adoption grant with From HIV to Home.
That simple.
The best part….the whole thing is done online!
You just pick a date and then post your “show” link on your Facebook, Twitter, blog, emails – wherever.
That’s really all it takes from you!  (Although Angela and Jennifer can give you a few tips on how to promote sales if you like)
The books are shipped directly to the buyers so you don’t even have to deliver books.
No cleaning house, no making snacks, no wondering if anyone is really coming, and no delivering the books to your guests! 

Quite often, your customers will then offer to host another show toward your adoption.

And you get free books too!  There are several that are great for adopting and getting ready to travel families.
50% of all profit from your show will be donated to the adopting family.
And you, as the host, earn free books in the process (Jennifer just received $300 in free books from an adoption fundraiser show!)
Email to get started.  Angela and Jennifer will alternate shows for families, so when they hear from you, one of them will contact you to get you set up!
email – usborneadoption at gmail dot com