India Adoption Grant

I have posted about waiting children with HIV in India. Thanks to RainbowKids for the link to M. Night Shyamalan Foundation’s MNSF India Adoption Grant. Here is the info from the website:

MNSF India Adoption GrantAdopting from India

The M. Night Shyamalan Foundation (MNSF) believes that a loving family is the birthright of every child. We hope to bring particular attention to the orphans of India and aim to facilitate their passage to a better life. We provide grants to U.S. citizens residing in America who seek to adopt children from India. The purpose of the grant is to alleviate financial obstacles to international adoption. Grants are provided to families who establish that they are eligible to adopt a child from India, are capable of providing a safe, loving, and nurturing environment for a child, but for whom the costs involved in the adoption process pose a demonstrable burden or barrier to an adoption. Only families with a gross annual income of less than $100,000 are asked to apply. Due to limited resources, the foundation cannot guarantee that all qualified applicants will be funded. Grant approvals as well as decisions regarding the amount of the award will be determined solely by the Board of Directors and will be based on funds available, the applicant pool, and applicant qualifications.