Sponsor an HIV+ Foster Child in Ukraine (Luydmila’s Family)

This post is a continuation of the Life2Orphans AIDS Children’s Homes sponsorship project. The first family I featured was Svetlana & Eugene’s family. This second family is Ludmila’s Family.  If you would like to sponsor any of the children in this family, please contact me by emailing info[at]positivelyorphaned[dot]org

Sponsor an HIV+ Foster Child in Ukraine

Luydmila’s family is expecting two more children! She currently has 6 kids at home and Luydmila is now processing paperwork to accept two more children with HIV, one boy and one girl who will be home within the next 2 months. The oldest 2 teenagers at home are HIV negative. This family is rapidly outgrowing their tiny 5th floor apartment. Luydmila would like to move to a house so the children will have a yard and space to run, bike and get plenty of outdoor physical activity. Apartment living has been difficult and the neighbors complain about all the activity.

The children adore their mother and she manages to make all of her children feel individually special. Luydmila is conscious that her children need a nutritious diet to keep their immune systems functioning at the highest possible level. She tries to buy organic produce, but it can be expensive with a family of 7 (soon to be 9).

Luydmila is a hard working single mother. She is the regional director for ‘Kids+’ which helps families raise their HIV positive children. Kids+ also finds families for HIV positive orphans. In the past 5 years, 24 children have left the orphanage to live with biological relatives or foster families in the community. Kids+ also works on stigma and how to deal with disclosure. Luydmila used to work from home, but starting in February 2010 she now works at an administrative building weekdays from 11-5. The children have music lessons after school while Luydmila finishes her work day. In the evenings, the entire family gathers to discuss the issues of the day.

Name: Masha

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 10 October 1999

Age: 10

Height: 53”

Clothing size: 7

Shoe size: 35/36

History: Masha has recently entered the family from the orphanage. Currently she is being tutored while preparing to enter school. She will most likely enter the 2nd grade.

About: She likes to sing karaoke with her sister Natasha and the girls often create dance routines together. She loves spending time with Natasha and the two are inseparable.  When she first came to the family she thought they must be very wealthy to have so many children and she promised her mom that she would add more children to the family when she is grown. She used to attend dancing classes but needed to stop because of an outbreak of swine flu, but she would like to start again. She is looking forward to learning how to read and write when she starts school.

Would like to have: Rollerskates

Name: Ilya [Ilya has a sponsor!]

Gender: Boy

Date of Birth: March 10, 2000

Age: 10 years old

Height: 45”

Clothing size: 5

Shoe size: 33/34

About: Ilya is a very kind, gentle, affectionate and quiet boy. He’s very helpful and he serves his sisters tea. He likes Spider Man and Harry Potter. He is in 3rd grade. He takes accordion lessons because his mom wants him to, but he doesn’t like it.  He would like to have a brother and Ilya dreams of being taller. He is small for his age and he needs to get more exercise and nutrition to get stronger which will also help his immune system.

Would like to have: A sports corner workout center / indoor jungle gym and an outdoor bicycle. http://www.sport-ugolok.ru/dsk_flat.htm

Name: Natasha/Natalia

Gender: Girl

Date of Birth: 6 January 1999

Age: 11 years

Height: 57”

Clothing size: 10

Shoe size: 37/38

About: Natasha is artistically inclined. She is learning to play the guitar and she dreams of playing the drums. She has a good singing voice and she choreographs dance routines. She has an outgoing personality and doesn’t mind the spotlight – a natural performing artist. Her mom thinks she would do well at cultural university when she is older. Natasha likes to read and she would like to learn to speak English. She is in 5th grade .

Would like to have: a guitar (she currently borrows her older brother’s but he is leaving for the military)

Name: Katya

Gender: Girl

Date of Birth: 28 September 1996

Age: 13 years

Height: 60 ½”

Clothing size: 14

Shoe size: 36/37

About: Katya seems very healthy. She is a typical teenager. She wants more adult freedoms and she loves talking on the phone with her friends. She studies Eastern dancing. She is very helpful in taking care of the younger children. Katya is in 6th grade.

Would like to have: a netbook for her studies

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