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I had the great opportunity of meeting 3 families in Ukraine this Spring – each is raising 6-8 HIV positive children each. The children all entered the family through guardianship, foster-care and adoption. I will do a blog post for each of the families. Please contact me if you are interested in sponsoring a child or a family.

Svetlana & Eugene’s Family

UPDATE! All of the children in Svetlana & Eugene’s family now have Sponsors. Thank you to everyone who is sponsoring these incredible children. If you would like to become a Sponsor, please see Vera’s family or Ludmila’s family.


Svetlana and Eugene’s family includes one biological HIV negative girl (the youngest girl on her older sister’s lap) and seven HIV positive children who have joined their family through foster-care and adoption. Their house is loads of fun! There is always an activity going on in every room of the house. They have books and games and toys, but it is apparent they are outgrowing them. The older kids are still playing with preschool toys for lack of age appropriate activities and games. The children are all very well behaved and helpful. Svetlana was awarded the Adoptive Mother of the Year award by the governor.

Of all the families we visited, this family has the least and they also asked for the least. The love they have is sustaining them. They previously lived in an apartment but it was too small, so they’ve been living in this house for 2 years. They have a 10 year lease on the house from a neighborhood church. They invested all their savings repairing the property to make it inhabitable. Even so, they still need to heat their house with coal, they do not have indoor plumbing and they only have electricity in one room. They also do not have water on site and they can only have water delivered 3 seasons per year (it’s not available in winter since it is frozen). They received an estimate for digging a well, but they aren’t able to afford it since it would need to be 70 meters deep.

If you would like to sponsor one of the children in this family, or the entire family, please email info[at]positivelyorphaned[dot]org

Name: Nikita

[Nikita has a sponsor!]

Gender: Boy

Date of Birth: 13 September 2003

Age: 6

Height: 54”

Clothing size: 5/6

Shoe size:

About: Nikita is very friendly and playful. He has a warm and outgoing personality. He likes to play Legos, but he only has preschool Legos to play with. He likes to take pictures. He is very welcoming to everyone he meets. He will be starting school later this year and he has his backpack ready.

Would like to have: Big kid Legos or others age appropriate construction toys

Name: Ira

[Ira has a sponsor!]

Gender: Girl

Date of Birth: 23 September 2002

Age: 7

Height: 59”

Clothing size: 6/6X

Shoe size:

About: Ira likes to draw and write. She is very creative and likes to paint and do arts and crafts. Her creativity also extends to building and constructing other things such as cars and buildings. She also has a girly side wearing barrettes in her hair and hosting imaginary tea parties.

Would like to have: Art and craft supplies

Name: Vitali

Gender: Boy

Date of Birth: 13 November 1995

Age: 14

Height: 63”

Clothing size: 12/14

Shoe size:

About: This guy loves cars! As soon as we arrived at his house he brought out his collection of matchbox cars and hotwheels. He is very good natured, friendly and personable. He plays well with the younger children and he always has a smile on his face. Vitali speaks some English. He goes to the sports complex on Saturdays with his brothers to play basketball and soccer.

Would like to have: handheld games

Name: Alexandra / Sasha

[Sasha has a sponsor!]

Gender: Girl

Date of Birth: 29 December 1999

Age: 10

Height: 53”

Clothing size: 8

Shoe size:

About: Sasha likes to play with dolls, draw animals, and she likes to write in her diary. She is quiet and friendly and proud to show off her achievements. She is the newest member of the family  and she is still adjusting to family life after being in a children’s home for so long.

Would like to have: a drum machine, keyboard or other musical instrument

Name: Karina

Gender: Girl

Date of Birth: 18 March 1997

Age: 13

Height: 59”

Clothing size: girls 14 or women’s XS or 0

Shoe size: 35

About: Karina is very good with the little ones. She helps her parents a lot. She has a beautiful smile and she’s easy going, happy and friendly.

Would like to have: a cell phone

Name: Peter

Gender: boy

Date of Birth: 19 January 1999

Age: 11

Height: 69”

Clothing size: 8

Shoe size:

About: Peter likes playing with his cat and dog. He likes doing sports and playing outside. He and his brother Vitali go to the sports complex on Saturdays to play basketball and soccer. He likes playing with Legos.

Would like to have: a skateboard

Name: Dasha

[Dasha has a sponsor!]

Gender: Girl

Date of Birth: 24 November 2002

Age: 7 years old

Height: 43.5”

Clothing size: 4/5

Shoe size:

About: Dasha is always happy to help her mother. She likes playing with her cat and having pretend tea parties. She is very proud to have her ears pierced. She appears to be in need of dental care.

Would like to have: girls clothing and earrings.

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