Waiting Child Photolistings

These children are in Eastern Europe and they are available for international adoption through the agency Kids To Adopt. I can provide pictures with a non-disclosure agreement. Please contact the agency directly for further information about the children and the adoption process. The region they are in requires married couples and one parent must be no more than 45 years older than the child.  Their special needs fees have been reduced in order to help them find a family.  If you would like more information on how to make one or more of these children a part of your family, please contact Kids To Adopt by email at kidstoadopt@yahoo.com or by phone at 360-695-1704.

Lily      Winter 2004

‘Lily’ is a little angel who is all dressed up and hoping that a family will fall in love with her.  She has sandy blonde hair and an impish smile.  Lily is HIV positive, Stage 3. She also has astigmatism and flat feet.  She dreams of a family who can get her the medical care to feel good and be able to run and play like any other child.

Meadow       Fall 2002

‘Meadow’ has dark brown hair and loves to dress in fancy clothes.  She is HIV positive, Stage 2. She also is considered to be hyperactive, has a speech delay and poor tonsils.  We are awaiting more information on her developmental status.

Arabella    Fall of 2009

This precious bundle of joy was a foundling.  She was born with a hernia and a heart defect.  We are waiting for specific information to see if it is an atrial septal defect or ventricular septal defect.  She is anemic and has tested positive for HIV.  We are looking for a special family for ‘Anabella’.

Nathan         Summer 2003

‘Nathan’ is an adorable brown haired boy with a smile that just makes you want to hug him!  He is HIV positive, stage 1.  He is anemic from poor nutrition.  He also has a small scar on the left side of his nose.  He really wants a family to love.

Elizabeth  Spring 2002

‘Elizabeth’ has dark brown hair and is beautiful in her bright red dress.  She is HIV positive, Stage 2. Elizabeth is anemic from poor nutrition.  She also has an inactive form of Viral Hepatitis C.  Elizabeth has a bit of a speech delay.  She really needs a family to love her and get her the medical care she needs to feel good and lead a happy, wonderful life.

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