Waiting Children in Eastern Europe

I have just returned from an orphanage for HIV positive children in Eastern Europe. Most of the children in this group are available for international adoption. Please inquire.

Waiting child photolisting - international adoptionThis little boy is a sweet kid. He seems to get along with everybody and he’s just generally very easy going. He’s fun and he goes with the flow. This is ‘James’ on Reece’s Rainbow.

Waiting child in UkraineThis little guy has now been transferred to a different orphanage nearby which is also very good. When I met him, he mostly stayed with a caregiver observing the fun, but he seemed too nervous to interact.

This little boy is really nice and gets along well with others. He doesn’t play too rough and he is very considerate. Lots of energy and loves attention. DOB May 16, 2005. (Daniel on RR).