Adopting Haitian Orphans

*UPDATE: As of April 2010, the Haitian international adoption program has re-opened.

I do not know if these children survived the earthquake. Contact the agencies directly for more information.

Chances By Choice has the following adoption photolistings:

Clarens Haiti DOB 5/27/09 Clarens is a sweet baby boy who is HIV+. He has big, beautiful eyes and is described as always being in a good mood. Photo available upon request
Deborah Haiti DOB 1/10/09 Deborah is a beautiful baby girl who is HIV+. She is described as having bright eyes, always smiling and is very social. Photo available upon request
James Haiti DOB 12/20/08 James is an adorable baby who is described by his caregivers as always being in a good mood. He is HIV+ and Hepatitis C+ and needs a family to care for him. Photo available upon request
Darline Haiti 5 This little girl is part of our sibiling group. She is healthy (HIV-) and has acted as the mother to her two younger siblings. She would be heartbroken to be separated from them. Photo available upon request
Riccardo Haiti 2 This little guy is the youngest in the sibling group. He is healthy (HIV-) and would benefit from staying with his older sisters.
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Farah Haiti 3 1/2 This little dolly is part of a sibling group and is HIV+. Healthwise she is doing well. We would love her to stay with her younger brother Riccardo and older sister Darline.
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As I previously reported a few hours before the earthquake, Bethany Christian Services has 2 sisters waiting. I have pictures if you’d like. They were born in 1999 and 1997 and one of them is HIV+.

Also, the two babies were also being advocated for by Chances by Choice.