8 Year Old Boy in China Waiting for an Adoptive Family

Precious ‘Jack’ is 8 years old. He is waiting for a family in China.

At 6 years old, Jack was described as active and “naughty,” liking to play. He attends school and can prepare his bag and clothes every day. He is said to obey the traffic rules and cares for his little foster sister. Jack is also stated to like making friends and playing with friends. He is said to be able to finish his homework carefully and is independent. His file states that he can put on his clothes, go to the bath, brush his teeth, wash his face and make the bed. He is also said to like to talk, to draw and to do math homework! Apparently wonderful Jack has a “pet phrase.” It is, “I am a little tiger!” So cute! Jack is listed with Lifeline. For more info or to review his file, please email Annie at annie.hamlin@lifelinechild.org

You can register to see Jack here: http://wonderfulwaitingkids.com/2013/jack-2/

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International Adoption from Hong Kong

Hong Kong Adoption

According to RainbowKids.com, Hong Kong has a small yet stable adoption program.  The children receive extensive medical care, are well cared for, and live in well maintained child centers. Only children with special needs are available. [Recently, an infant under 12 months and a 13 year old girl with HIV were registered for international adoption; possibly others.] The general age range is 6 months – 15 years. Singles and couples can adopt, and age and family size is flexible. Children may be escorted for families who are unable to travel. For the families that do travel to Hong Kong (recommended), travel is only about 7 days. From the time your dossier is complete until the time of travel is 6-8 months, sometimes shorter. One agency indicates the total time frame start to finish at 12 months when adopting a waiting child. Some American agencies working in Hong Kong are A Helping HandDillon International, Lifeline Children’s Services, Bethany Christian Services and All Blessings International. Of those 4 agencies, Bethany Christian Services has the most experience with HIV adoption and partners with three accredited agencies in Hong Kong. A Helping Hand is known to advocate for waiting children with HIV in Hong Kong.

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Older Children ~ Ugandan International Adoption

The link below indicates that 6 of the waiting children pictured are living with HIV. They are ages 7 through 13 and are registered for international adoption in Uganda.




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Waiting Child Adoption Photolistings ~ Latin America


Daniel (age 7)


Daniel tested positive for HIV when he was 7 months old.  He lived with his single mother, also HIV positive, and grandparents until he was 1 year old, when he came into state care.  He is described as calm, kind, always smiling, emotionally stable, and friendly with classmates and adults.  Daniel is small for his age, has developmental delays and is behind in academic progress. He has some muscle weakness in his foot that slows his walking gait, and some speech delays. He hopes for a family with children, especially a brother. Daniel lives in Latin America and is available for hosting in the US for two weeks in early December.  He can be adopted by a single male, single female or married couple.  For more information, please contact Linda Perilstein, Executive Director of Cradle of Hope Adoption Center at lperilstein@cradlehope.org.


Saray (age 10)


Saray’s birthmother left her with a friend at age 11 months and never came back.  There is no information about her birthfather or other relatives.  At the time of her abandonment, Saray was diagnosed as HIV positive. She receives antiretroviral medications and her viral load is reported to be undetectable.  Saray has lived in an orphanage since 9/04.   She is described as a smart girl with good academic motivation, who is very organized with her school work, gets good grades and enjoys science, music and art classes.  Her development is age appropriate although she is small for her age.  She is good at making and keeping friends, has good self-care skills, and helps around the house.  Saray really wants a mother and a father.  She lives in Latin America and is available for hosting in the US for two weeks in early December.  For more information, please contact Linda Perilstein, Executive Director of Cradle of Hope Adoption Center at lperilstein@cradlehope.org.

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Pre-teen boy in Eastern Europe ~ Special Needs Adoption Opportunity

Andrew2001 (1) Andrew2001

Andrew2001 (2)This boy was born in 2001. These photos were taken in February 2012. He is located in a country in Eastern Europe which allows older parents and larger families to adopt. Couples must be married to adopt this child. An parent who adopted a child in his orphanage spent 2 months there and she is advocating for the boy and is available to speak to potential adoptive parents. “He is a kind, quiet boy who seems to have a sweet nature about him. He has a limp arm of some sort. There is a good chance he is HIV positive. His best friend is being adopted and he will be lonely at the orphanage.”

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Siblings in Latin America


URGENT: A sibling trio with two boys and a younger sister! These children will be separated if not assigned to a family soon. “V” was born 3/2007 and described as a little girl that likes to explore and is well behaved.  She easily shows affection to others, plays alone or with others, controls impulses and expresses her feelings. Born 3/2004, brother “G” is respectful of authority figures, can express his needs, has the ability to make and keep friends and shows good behavior in school.  “L” is the oldest brother born 2/2001. He is able to focus and complete tasks, takes initiative, expresses his feelings and wishes, and has the ability to make and keep friends. He is described as an explorer who likes to satisfy his curiosity. “L” attends school and interacts positively to his peers and other children. He shows respect to adults that are close to him. “L” is HIV+, but his siblings have no known medical concerns. Please reference ID number H13-07LC to learn more about this group!

Eligible families may qualify for a grant through LSS/CH and Brittany’s Hope Foundation. Intchild@chsfs.org

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Take 2 Minutes to Help Russian Orphans Caught in the Adoption Ban

On Sunday, Father’s Day here in America, but Monday in Russia, two men will determine if thousands of Russian orphans will grow up in a family or in an institution. Hundreds of them had already met their families. Many of these precious orphaned children are living with HIV. In fact, at least 20 Russian orphans with HIV had American families in process to adopt them when the adoption ban went into effect.

The G8 Summit is in a few days and although our Congress and Senate have been AMAZING help to families in the adoption process, President Obama has yet to respond. If you would like to write him a note to let him know this matters to you and that it needs to matter to him, that would be great! The link to his correspondence page is below, just click and fill in the info. I placed my comment in the Subject that says Administration at the very bottom under Non Policy Comments. This only takes 2 minutes of your time.


Here is a sample comment, although it is always best to personalize:

Dear President Obama,

I am saddened to know that you have yet to respond to letters written to you about the Russian Adoption Ban that 170 Members of Congress and the Senate have, in a rare show of UNIFIED support, signed requesting your involvement in finding a solution to reuniting the Russian orphans that were promised homes with American families. Please make sure this item makes it on your agenda and is discussed with President Putin at the Summit Meeting. Take just one moment and think of the love you had for Malia and Sasha the moment they were placed in your arms. Now think how you would feel if after holding them and loving on them for days, they were taken from you. Your heart would break as it is now for many American families. I know several of those families, all of which were in the process of adopting children with disabilities such as Down Syndrome and HIV. These are children who may never know the love of a family if they remain in Russian orphanages. It is an urgent human rights matter that Russian orphans with disabilities have the opportunity to be adopted by Americans and other international families. 

The Summit meeting is fast approaching. Please make sure this item makes it on your agenda and is discussed with President Putin at the Summit Meeting.


Other ways you can help:

‘Like’ 300 Broken Promises on FB to support the families in process.

Support The Dark Matter of Love film campaign and video.

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