Siblings in Latin America


URGENT: A sibling trio with two boys and a younger sister! These children will be separated if not assigned to a family soon. “V” was born 3/2007 and described as a little girl that likes to explore and is well behaved.  She easily shows affection to others, plays alone or with others, controls impulses and expresses her feelings. Born 3/2004, brother “G” is respectful of authority figures, can express his needs, has the ability to make and keep friends and shows good behavior in school.  “L” is the oldest brother born 2/2001. He is able to focus and complete tasks, takes initiative, expresses his feelings and wishes, and has the ability to make and keep friends. He is described as an explorer who likes to satisfy his curiosity. “L” attends school and interacts positively to his peers and other children. He shows respect to adults that are close to him. “L” is HIV+, but his siblings have no known medical concerns. Please reference ID number H13-07LC to learn more about this group!

Eligible families may qualify for a grant through LSS/CH and Brittany’s Hope Foundation.

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