Infant Adoption ~ HIV+ Babies in Need of Adoptive Families

Several babies in an Eastern European country are in need of international adoptive parents. Time frame for the total adoption from start of homestudy until the child is in the home is about 10-11 months. Total adoption costs exceed $40K. The babies have a confirmed HIV-positive diagnosis. They are in a decent (specialized) baby home and have access to excellent medical care. Several children have come home from this orphanage and are doing well. Their photos and date of birth can be shared with a serious adoptive family. Single mothers may apply and will be accepted on a case by case basis. It may be possible for unrelated children to be adopted simultaneously (case by case) and many other children with HIV in this region other than the ones listed here are in need of immediate placement. These particular children are all Caucasian and under one year of age. Please use the contact form for additional info.

8mo girl, gray eyes, brown hair

7mo boy, brown eyes, light brown hair

5mo girl, brown eyes, blond hair

10mo boy, brown eyes, brown hair

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