FULL Adoption Grant ~ Siblings in Eastern Europe

From the Project Hopeful blog post: Bringing Home Alyona and their Urgent Needs page.

Alyona is described as a “well and happy child.” Time is running out for Alyona to get a family! She is 15 years old and HIV+. In less than a year she will age out of the system and not be eligible for adoption. Futures are very bleak for orphans who “age out”. Most choose suicide, crime, or prostitution. The good news is that she has a full grant to cover all adoption expenses! What is so special about this case is that the grant is donated by the adoptive father of her biological sister, already here in the states. Rich, the adoptive father, promised his daughter that he would get her biological sister and two brothers adopted. A daddy cannot break a promise to his daughter. If you are interested in adopting Alyona and/or possibly their two brothers (ages 8 and 10), please contact Project HOPEFUL. Please help all of their dreams come true!

Alyona was enrolled into the boarding school on March 21, 2012. At first sight, it was obvious that the child had a difficult life experience and an old head on young shoulders: Alyona had her own opinion and views for life and interaction with the adults and children. It was obvious that the girl didn’t trust people, however, she had open and outgoing personality, thus it was easy to communicate with her, and she was able to establish rapport. The girl still hopes to maintain contact with her brother and sister (she constantly talks about them in a positive way, which is very good).

The adjustment process was smooth, without conflicts with her peers or younger children. Alyona is peaceful and not rough. She easily connected with the group of children. She was able to immediately attract their attention by her interesting stories about India (she’s got a very vivid imagination)! She shares her room with her friend. She is independent and can keep her room clean and tidy, she can wash her clothes. However, the educators note that the girl requires constant control of an adult person to fulfill the above mentioned tasks in timely manner and organized.

Talking to this girl, it was noted, though Alyona missed lots of school program, since she was constantly moving with her relatives, grandmother and aunts through the different countries of CIS (Commonwealth of Independent Countries), such as Moldova, Russia and Ukraine, the girl has a very good natural intellectual potential. She has a very well developed memory, speech and logical thinking, she can find a way out from a difficult life situation, she is not afraid of the challenges, thus the girl has a very high stamina – the only thing that should be done is to guide all these qualities to the positive target.

From the first days, the teachers assessed her educational level and skills and provided Alyona with the individual school program (curriculum) for her math and writing. The girl works diligently. She has a very beautiful handwriting, she reads good and academics goes easy to her, she only needs to make efforts and to refine herself.

At this point, Alyona has achieved the progress: she became a very good looking child, neat and tidy. School administration, educators and medical staff constantly supervise her. Sometimes the girl can rebel the rules set in the boarding school: she wants to go for a walk in the city and talk to the strangers (it’s typical for her to easily find the common ground with the strangers, and then she considers them her friends). In the result of such misbehavior the girl has conflicts with the educators and serious conversations with the school administration. Besides all of these problems, she has positive qualities: Alyona is honest; she can listen to and hear the reasoning of adults, to analyze and to admit her mistake. The girl understands that she is cared for, and that the people available to her, care about her. With every passing day it becomes obvious that Alyona wants to correct her behavior, she refines herself, however, the child requires constant care, and this care should be directed to her personally. She is constantly waiting for a call from her sister Anya, she gets very happy about this and shows her photos, as well as reads her letters. Along with this, she hopes that she will have future and parents.

Lately, Alyona is a little bit downcast with the sad events that happened in school, and it was noted that the girl feels stressed and scared. She somewhat lost her faith in her better future. Alyona is constantly involved in conversations which help her to understand that she is not abandoned, that she is loved and cared for.

To donate toward the adoption, please visit the Urgent Needs page HERE.

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