Girl born June 26, 2005 in Southeast Asia – Photolisting

This adorable little girl has been in care since 2007, as her birth parents passed away and her grandparents were impoverished. She is an observant little girl and is extremely shy and scared of strangers, as noted by the Waiting Child Program Manager on a March 2011 visit. She has not had any formal education, but appears to be a bright child and is starting school in May 2011. Her motor skills are appropriate, and her language is on track, though she does not talk much. She tends to lack self-confidence and need a lot of encouragement to try things. She is HIV positive and responding well to medication. She is described by her caregiver as generous and caring and is mostly independent in her self-care needs. The right family for this child will understand the medical and social ramifications of HIV, and be able to advocate appropriately. In addition, they will need to be very patient with the transition into their home, as she will likely fear them and withdraw. She will need a calm, understanding and encouraging family to help her thrive in a completely new environment.

To adopt this child there must be no more than 40 years age difference between the younger parent and the child. Families with 0-2 children preferred, though additional children in the home may be eligible on a case-by-case basis for a child with significant special needs. * See country criteria for complete requirements.

She is in Southeast Asia and can be adopted through Holt International.

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